Robert Downey Jr recalls how Kate Winslet criticized him for his British accent

Robert Downey Jr. still remembers how Kate Winslet criticized his British accent, calling it the worst he had ever heard.

Robert Downey Jr. he never forgot criticism Kate Winslet. The actor has some experience with a British accent, having acted in films such as Sherlock Holmes and interpreting Charlie Chaplin (a performance that also earned him an Oscar nomination). Yet Kate Winslet did scold him. British accent, calling it “the worst thing I’ve ever heard”. Criticism that Robert Downey Jr. remembers well today, given that it dates back to the days of Love doesn’t go on vacationone of the most popular romantic comedies and an evergreen holiday.

Robert Downey Jr. still remembers how Kate Winslet criticized his accent

Few people may know that Robert Downey Jr. also auditioned for a role in the romantic comedy Love Never Takes a Vacation. Holiday in the original language under the guidance Nancy Meyers and starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Today, this film is still a must-see during the Christmas holidays, but for Robert Downey Jr., it was quite traumatic. It seems that Kate Winslet did not appreciate his British accent while reading. To the microphones The Howard Stern Show SiriusXMactor known today also and above all for interpreting iron Man in the DC universe remembered this moment:

Jimmy Fallon and I were invited to take the seats…Nancy Meyers needed someone to read with the girls, so as I waited, I said to myself, “At this point, I must have a better English accent than Jude.” Lowe. But Kate Winslet commented on my performance, exclaiming: “That’s the worst British accent I’ve ever heard.”

According to his statements, Robert Downey Jr. was interested in the role of Graham Simpkins, who left for Jude LawBye Jimmy Fallon was interested in the role entrusted then Jack Black. For his part, however, Jimmy Fallon remembers being particularly impressed with Robert Downey Jr.

To be honest, I thought, “If Jack Black turns down this film, they’ll pick me.” I’ll take half the salary. I’m sitting across from Robert Downey Jr and thinking, “This is the best actor I’ve ever sat down and shot the same scene with in my entire life.” It was mind blowing for me, I kind of quit acting after that audition. I never returned. That was the last time I auditioned for the part.

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