Robert Pattinson, famous star, admits to being jealous of his success

Robert Pattison he is to this day one of the most versatile and respected actors in Hollywood. After the fame achieved among the general public thanks to TwilightThe British actor gained increasing credibility by working with Christopher Nolan in the keeper and landed the role of Bruce Wayne in the acclaimed Batman Matt Reeves.

The path of universal respect that seems to have been in the center of “envy” some colleagues. In a recent interview it was Jamie Dornan to admit that at this stage of his career he felt some envy towards his longtime colleague and friend:

I have known Rob forever. He is a really good friend. I like it. I think he is one of the actors who puts the most into what he does and always shows great enthusiasm. Probably at some point I was very jealous at first. We were all friends in London, Rob hung out in big places, we didn’t. I think he is the kindest person in the world.

In a previous interview published in 2022, the actor explained how the success of the saga of Twilight and subsequent celebrity status joined by Pattinson, drew a furrow between him and other British actors his age:

I think that’s always been the case with Rob, he hit it first, so we’re kind of like, “Does he really have anything to do with us?” Because we didn’t work, but he worked all the time. He was filming “Twilight” and suddenly found himself in a completely different stratosphere than we are.

The first movie in the saga Twilight arrived in 2008, instantly turning Pattinson into a global heartthrob. The franchise then evolved through four other films, garnering close to 3.3 billion Worldwide.

For his part, Dornan had the opportunity to become a worldwide celebrity himself by releasing the album Fifty Shades of Graywhich, along with its sequels, brought home a whopping $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office.

Soon we will see Jamie Dornan again in the title role opposite the main character, played by Gal Gadot in Heart of stonethe highly anticipated spy thriller to hit Netflix on August 11, directed by Tom Harper.

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