Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend and her lovers

Charming, charismatic and very good: Robert Pattison he is not only an outstanding actor, very famous and beloved, but also sex symbol. With his tousled haircut, piercing light eyes and square jaw, he was able to win the hearts of his fans. And he’s been doing this for generations, ever since he played Edward Cullen in Twilight became one mainstream stars.

His conquests are not limited to crowds of screaming girls and women enchanted by his charisma. British: Robert real latin lover! Let’s find out more about private life Robert Pattinson and who new girlfriend current.

Robert Pattinson and Nina Schubert before Twilight

Even before becoming a world star and becoming part of the ambitious project of the saga of Twilight, Robert was a boy, like many others. And, like many of us, he had an affair with her. neighbor and classmate.

Of course we are talking about Nina Schubert, famous in London before fame. They dated from 2003 to 2006. She is now a 40-year-old model in Germany and has no further contact with the actor. These two left in 2006 when Pattinson settled in Hollywood for work.

Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart: a pair of teen idols

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The two dated for four years on and off, but we still remember them as one of our favorites. the most viral and influential couples early 2000s. This is clearly about Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewartco-stars saga of Twilight. The two actors, who were scripted to be a couple on the big screen, fell in love with each other in real life as well. Obviously enthralling crowds of fans from all over the world.

It was love fresh and youngbut as big as a first love can be. The relationship between them is ended abruptly in 2013, when Kristen was in the arms of the paparazzi Rupert Sanders. Kristen and Rupert worked together on the film. snow white and the hunterHe is like the director, she is like the protagonist. Although she has since denied any emotional connection with this man, this “scandal” (at least as it was defined at the time) marked end of a relationship with Robert. To the tears of the couple’s fans, of course.

FKA Twigs and brief relationship with Robert Pattinson

After breaking up with Kristen for a while Robert Pattison he was seen with the singer FKA Branches. The year is 2014, and they often appear together with the paparazzi. What at first seems simpleinnocent friendship soon it turns into something deeper.

Photos of the actor backstage at the singer’s show complete with rose bouquets in tow, seen as final proof connection between the two of them, and in fact after a while everything became official. Their love story ran for three years before closing in 2017.

Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend: who is Suki Waterhouse?

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Robert Pattinson has a girlfriend (and here you can feel how the hearts of the fans are breaking again). And this is also one serious story: these two have been a permanent couple for many years! Of course we are talking about Suki Waterhouse, London-based model and actress. Their first photo together dates back to 2018 and depicts them kissing passionately on the streets of their beloved London.

Shortly after they confirmed that I gossipbut has not made many other announcements since then. Shy and reserved, Robert and Sookie. they don’t like social media and prefer to stay out of the limelight. Maybe that’s why their performances always cause a lot of discussion. In addition, and above all, because both appear in love and close Like never before.

We see them in the photographs always smiling, accomplices, neighbors. After a long and serious relationship, Robert at first did not want to advertise his romance with Sookie. However, over time, they made it official, and today they still together after years of relationship. In short, the wait was worth it if it produced such results!

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