Roberto Brasero warns new DANA will return country to severe storms

meteorologist Roberto Bracero Onda Cero warns that this week there will be New Dana, An isolated high-level depression will affect the peninsula, bringing severe storms across the country. Just a week after the last DANA caused severe flooding and multiple deaths, rainfall has once again caught the community’s attention.

This Monday, September 18th, slight falling thermometer, about a few degrees. As for the storm, it will disappear during the day, without those strong hailstones Weekend experience in the Valencian neighborhood or AlbaceteRain will continue Almost all over the territory.

Even so, the rain will disappear throughout the day, leaving with the clouds, leaving a sunny afternoon.

When will the new DANA arrive?

Time returns to calm”, Bracero advanced. However, he guaranteed that this The peace won’t last longbecause this coming Tuesday, September 19, the new DANA will once again bring instability to Spain.

“Tomorrow, Tuesday temperature riseBut be careful, a new Dana will arrive tomorrow as well. ” said Brasero on Onda Cero. So-called cold drops are expected to enter south peninsula.

Estimated departure at the end of Tuesday”Southern Andalusia hit by another severe storm“And spread to other parts of the country over the next few days.

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DANA will make weather complicated again for much of Spain

Initially, Bracero confirmed that “DANA will make the weather complex again for most of Spain on Wednesday.” He expected new heavy rains, especially due to Eastern peninsula.

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