Roberto Leto explained the reason for his fight with Cacho Riquelme after the crossing on the Boca court went viral

Since 30 years ago, Roberto Leto follow the Boca campaign. He is one of the most recognized journalists in the world Xeneize and made headlines for a discussion with Cacho Riquelme, father of the idol, who went viral on social networks.

About this theme, Leto explained that it was a football talk and that they have known each other for 21 years. He also indicated that there was no animosity or bad intention on the part of Cacho Riquelme and that everything stayed there.

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“I can’t repudiate a guy I’ve known for exactly 21 years, since Roman started playing. Cacho even introduced it to me. We went to eat with him thousands of times, we traveled everywhere, “said the journalist about the level of relationship with Román’s father.

Then, he said that it is not the first time that Cacho gets into the booth to discuss football: “We talk often on the phone and several times on the field he enters the booth and we discuss football, in fact he charges me and says ‘donkey’, I don’t know anything about soccer and others … They are football talks, coffee. There is no animosity at all, “Leto told the newspaper. Olé.

Leto and Cacho Riquelme’s discussion

In the video that went viral, Cacho could be seen arguing with Leto about the role of Edwin Cardona, one of Boca’s most talented footballers, but also one of the most questioned.

“The 8 is crack. Cardona taught soccer, ”said Riquelme, who was very happy after the Colombian’s performance in the match against Sarmiento de Junín.

Roberto Leto explained the reason for his fight with Cacho Riquelme after the crossing on the Boca court went viral

While the journalist tried to defend and excuse himself, the man, who continued with his arrogant tone, accused him: “You know nothing. You have been here for 40 years and you are a donkey ”.

After that, the man continued to defend the footballer, and like his son praised the Colombian’s talent: “He’s a crack. Don’t talk about when he is injured, talk about when he plays ”, he concluded.

Leto and Cacho Riquelme’s discussion: a misunderstanding that generated the discussion

In the interview with the newspaper Olé, Leto indicated that he was surprised by the presence of Riquelme’s father in the booth and that there was a confusion that was the trigger for the football talk.

“I was surprised in the middle of the comment. ANDor I was thanking and sending greetings as always and I asked the operator for the music to get me into the analysis of the first half and there I see that he entered … And we started, heh ”.

Cacho Riquelme, with his children.
Cacho Riquelme, with his children.

“I didn’t understand him because he told me ‘8 is a crack, 8 is a crack’ and I thought he was talking about AlmendraSo I told him that I didn’t think he was playing well and worse, that’s where he packed more haha ​​”, Leto said.

And he followed her: “At that moment, the comment of the match joined me with the discussion with Cacho, which ended up being seen on Julito’s Instagram (Pavoni, reporter of the Boca campaign) because The live that I was making was cut off because everything was being seen ”.

Happy ending for the discussion between Leto and Cacho Riquelme

Far from wanting to argue, the journalist said that Cacho Riqulme called him around midnight to clarify the facts.

“Look how everything ended well, as always, that Sunday at 12 at night Cacho called me worried because they were saying that he had fought with me, that it was not like that, how can it be, that we have known each other for more than 20 years, that we talk about football like that ”, he concluded.

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