Robinson Cano follows in Cristiano Ronaldo’s footsteps and now he’s in Saudi baseball!

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Arabs are rich; This is nothing new, when you start growing a sport you just open your wallet and They have the best resources as it happens football,and golf Now they start working hard baseball.

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recent, baseball league has attracted everyone’s attention The first professional baseball league serving the Middle East and South Asia. The alliance includes several countries in the regionArabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar, etc. He used huge sums of money to gather several former baseball players to become important parts of his team.brilliant name Major League Baseball as Adrian Beltre, Mariano Rivera and Felix Hernandez They’ve joined as owners, but now another character will join, nothing more than dominican Robinson Cano.

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Cano leads an investment group made up of former baseball players

The Creole native is one of the best second basemen in history, and his impact transcended money or games like the impact the Portuguese had at the time. cristiano ronaldo In football, a body like that can elevate any league.

Tournaments built by players for players:

via press release, Kashi Shaikhpresident of baseball leagueannounced the arrival of a new investment group, led by Robinson Cano, They also join this group Matt Barnes Bartolo Colon, Sean Victorino and Robinson Chirinhos.

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Cano’s role was to own the franchise and in turn advertise it and enrich the’s the same Kashi Shaikh Who confirmed this idea? Tournaments built by players for players.

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