Rocío Oliva’s new life away from the media: how is her relationship with the Maradona

Diego Maradona’s ex talks about his present

Olive Dew had a romantic relationship with Diego Armando Maradona during six years. And ever since he parted ways with Ten, at the end of 2018, he had some jobs on television as a panelist or sports commentator. After the death of her former partner, on November 25, 2020, the young woman decided to change her life: she moved away from the media, although she is still involved in the world of football, one of her great passions.

Now, Rocío publicly reappeared in the premiere function of the work between you and show, who stars the comedian Robert Pena. “I met him at Controversy at the Bar and hit a barbaric wave. I loved that he invited me and that’s why I’m here, “he said at the end of the show. “I’m fine,” she confessed in a brief interview with Intruders (America), defining this time of hers in which she certainly stayed away from the media. “I am studying. I decided to prioritize studies, especially now that it will be face-to-face. If I can at another time, at another time, delighted… it is what I want most”, he said in reference to a possible return to the historic cycle produced by Gustavo Sofovich.

Likewise, he says he stays away from the family inmates after the death of Maradona. “I am always looking at everything from afar, we are already in something else. I’m always missing him, but that’s it. I stay on the sidelines and always focus on what is mine, soccer: I started studying, I have my three academies, that takes me a long time…”, said Rocío trying to avoid the subject.

Rocío Oliva went to see Roberto Peña's new show
Rocío Oliva went to see Roberto Peña’s new show

He also said that “I have no contact with anyone, I have no reason to have contact” of the family of Ten. Just as he did not want to give his point of view as to whether he imagined seeing Maradona’s relatives divided: “No, I did not imagine anything. The only thing I imagine is to have a good year and continue with my things“, Hill. “I’m very well, calm down,” said Rocío, who has been putting all her energy into her women’s soccer school, located in the Bella Vista district of Buenos Aires.

It should be remembered that the relationship between Oliva and Maradona began in 2011, after a crush when the young woman was 20 years old and they coincided in Mar del Plata at the entrance of the Hermitage Hotel. It was she who said that two years passed until they started a solid couple, and their romance was definitely strengthened when they settled in Dubai.

“At first, every time he asked me if I was in love, I told him no. ‘Remember: you’re going to fall in love,’ he warned me. Until one day I realized that I had fallen in love, but it took time, “he confessed in an interview with this medium. Together they were the protagonists of a scandalous separation that included arrest warrants from Interpool, but they remained a couple for six years. “I parted in love. My friends envied my life in Dubai, but I missed my independence; After my experience, I believe that a healthy relationship is that: that each one has their independence, be a couple but each one enters and leaves with their activities”, He revealed about the reasons for the separation.

Rocío Oliva and Diego Maradona were together until the end of 2018
Rocío Oliva and Diego Maradona were together until the end of 2018

“How was work?”; “What good happened to you?”; “What’s wrong with you?” Dialogue like that I couldn’t have. I had this thing of being there 24 hours… He told me: ‘I don’t want you to do anything because you don’t lack anything’; and I wanted to grow as a person, work. When I went to live in Dubai I played football in River and I left my passion behind; what I liked most. Years passed and my life passed by Diego’s side”, he assured.


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