Rocio Suarez invites us to heal our emotional states and live life to the fullest

by HSB News TwitterPersonal development expert Rocío Suárez urges us to reflect on what hurts us and keeps us from fulfilling our fullest self. According to Suarez, “We must heal the things that take away our joyenergy and power that drives us out of our bondage and prevents us from being at peace with ourselves”.

To achieve emotional healing, you must believe in yourself and strengthen inner confidence. Furthermore, he emphasized, “all things that affect us need to be healed, but first we must recognize them and allow ourselves to let go of those emotions that agitate us inside.”

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Physical Consequences of Emotional Trauma

According to Suarez’s analysis, the human body is a reflect our emotional state. To this end, he emphasized that when we resist healing, physical symptoms such as gastritis, colitis, headaches, insomnia and even tachycardia can appear. “Our emotional state can make us sick if we don’t handle it properly,” Suarez warned.

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Meet Rocio Suarez

Top 5 NLP Master Trainers In Latin America, endorsed by Richard Bandler, the creative genius behind neurolinguistic programming. Staff member of Richard Bandler’s US-based team and his representative in Colombia and Latin America.

She is an NLP expert. counselingdesign ergonomics and neuro-hypnotic remodeling.

24 yearsDuring his professional growth, he worked hand-in-hand with Richard Bandler, leading him to understand magic, the power of the mind, and the heart.

Through NLP, his passion, provide tools so that man transforms his life into the best version of himself, thereby, consciously evolve.

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