Rock shakes the Red Earth

Wednesday, December 01, 2021 | 5:30 a.m.

The sun was beginning to fall and the stands were beginning to take over. Some organized brought armchairs or blankets to lay out on the grass, as many improvised ones occupied the stands and settled down with mate equipment – on National Infusion Day – or tereré in hand. Everyone, ready to enjoy the postcard that would have as a finishing touch the presentation of the legendary David Lebón.

In the natural amphitheater of El Brete, the river and the vegetation merged with the power of local rock to inaugurate the first instance of Mate Rock de Misiones.

On a hot and sunny afternoon, those in charge of opening the curtain were the Symphonic Grillitos, who delighted those present with a varied and complete presentation. With Miguel Brizuela on guitar, some violins and wind instruments on stage, and the voice of Yaisa Brizuela, Daira Heller, Tiziano, and other Grillitos singers, they motivated the audience with classics like Jijiji, Rezo por vos and other interpretations.

Meanwhile, on the side of the stage, Marcelo Rodríguez Gillespi, renowned musician and journalist from national rock, was guiding the event. With jokes, extra information about the participants and very good vibes, he guided the day. Each band had 25 minutes to perform, which allowed the presentation of at least 5 songs per group.

The second group to burst onto the scene was Ronda and the Nenecos. “This is a return to sound with Los Nenecos, I am re happy. It’s great to be back on stage ”, announced Ronda in the preview of her presentation to El Territorio.

In addition, he made reference to the law of female quota in cultural events, highlighting that it should be an initiative embraced by the entire society, because “we must all defend the cause”: “We are just as prepared as men. There are many patriarchal debts that we are overcoming over time and from deconstruction. It is very important to make the artists visible and generate spaces. We are not against it, nor do we want men to not participate, we only fight for a space to show that we are also prepared ”.

Missionary essence in rock key
The bet that began yesterday and will have six other instances -one for each cultural region as well as a grand finale- aims to value local rock, highlighting it as part of our idiosyncrasy.

It is that the lyrics of the songs of bands consecrated in the Red Land, like those that were presented yesterday, also reflect our landscapes, our culture and traditions. “It is good that our local culture is expanding in the lyrics of other genres, that Misiones is spoken of from other angles. I am a singer-songwriter and in my songs I also talk about Misiones ”, said Ronda, coinciding with the boys from Néctar, who appeared on the main stage with their traditional songs that fuse legends, history and local culture with the strength of rock that embody.

Arengados, with its own fans and spreading power, the band that is about to celebrate 15 years of experience took advantage of its minutes on stage to reconnect with the public after so long and remind everyone present why they are one of the most beloved of Misiones .

“We are very happy. This invitation took us by surprise because we resumed rehearsals recently but with nothing planned for the future; we were a bit stopped by the pandemic and also by personal issues, but the band was always, always is. We are very happy to return ”, said Diego Solís, drummer of the band that this year celebrates the return of Pola -who was part of the beginnings of Nectar- on bass.

Another established band, La Corte del Señor Manga, would perform before the star of the night. “It is a great possibility for musicians in the province to return to the masses. But above all it represents a possibility for the youngest, it is great for them because it opens up spaces for the training of new artists within the local rock culture ”, explained Japo Fleitas, leader of the band.

In addition, he assured that the rock scene in the province is very rich. “There are many new artists who are highly educated and with very modern concepts. They are very aggiornados and they are really excellent, “he added, noting that they would share the stage with Sabina Belén and Jhona Vázquez ‘Indigo’,” who come from the stick of trap, rap and hip hop and are very cool artists. “

A Serú in our land
The legendary musician David Lebón set foot on Misiones for the first time to close the first instance of Mate Rock with an unforgettable show.

“I simply had the chance that God gave me this gift of being able to sing and play … But it has cost me, I have had so many strong things in this life, that from an artist, I became a human being again,” he said in the prior to your presentation.

“We are at a time where we need to stop the noise in our heads a little, and open our hearts more,” highlighted who was part of the country’s emblematic bands, and highlighting that beyond his emblematic figure, he wants to be recognized as a good person.

Meanwhile, the band contest, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Yerba Mate (Inym) will begin next 18, in Montecarlo. So far there are 79 bands registered. The winner will record her album in a local studio with a mix at Estudio CIAM, in Tecnópolis.

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