Rock, why did WWE censor his promo? Real motivation emerges

Rock, why did WWE censor his promo? Real motivation emerges
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Last week’s episode of SmackDown on the shocking return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Hollywood’s highest-paid actor is currently on hiatus due to the actors’ and writers’ strike, and so decided to wow the blue show crowd with this surprise appearance (he recorded a live podcast a few hours ago, back in Colorado). with Pat McAfee) A viral comeback in the truest sense of the word, recording dizzying numbers on social media.

But many noticed that the “People’s Champion” commercial was heavily censored on FOX, with the “An Ass–le” chant actually not being heard during the live telecast. And apparently this censorship cannot be attributed to TV-PG as Sean Ross of Fightul explained: “For all those wondering why The Rock’s promo was censored, it’s all due to possible FCC (Federal Communications Commission) violations.

TV-PG has nothing to do with it. Indeed, the rating does not prevent us from using obscene language from time to time.”

Rock at WrestleMania 40? Option on the table

During a podcast with Pat McAfee, The Rock explained how he was supposed to compete at WrestleMania 39, taking on Roman Reigns in the dream match everyone was waiting for, but ultimately nothing came of it.

However, the opportunity to try again next year at WrestleMania 40 remained on the table. “When we decided to put down our pencils, we agreed that WWE would undergo a corporate merger.

It was better to wait until it materialized. However, my match with Roman Reigns will happen in the end. “WrestleMania 40 is still happening in Philadelphia,” Dwayne exclaimed.. “I say this is also a potential match for next year.

And that I am open and ready to do it. But, once again, let’s try to understand what exactly it is. Because the fans deserve something incredible and unprecedented.”

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