Rod Stewart’s 30,000-square-foot Los Angeles home is now up for sale for $70 million

250 million records, decades on the crest of a wave, one of the most recognizable voices in rock history. Rod Stewart is a music legend, but also one of the richest artists on the scene. According to the British media, his wealth will be around 250-300 million pounds. And with some of that money, the WSJ says $12.08 million for the land alone, it bought a house from famed architect Richard Landry in the early 1990s for him and his family (or rather their families, he has 8 children). Told to build custom mega-mansion! , That villa, as well as a structure dedicated to guests, would have been up for sale now, at age 78.

This was revealed by The Wall Street Journal which unveiled the list price for which buyers would be approached: $70 million. A high price, but worth considering considering the location, size, and comfort. As before, we are in fabulous Los Angeles, in the North Beverly Park neighborhood. This is where this European style “château” is finished with the finest materials – from marble floors to crystal chandeliers. Over 3000 square meters, with a total of 13 bedrooms and a total of 19 bathrooms, fine customized furniture, a wine room, an almost regal swimming pool, a remarkable garden and a beautiful football field, which can easily be converted if the new owner so wishes on tennis court.

The offer is certainly economical. Ah, in case you still weren’t convinced, do you know who you might have among the neighbors in the exclusive North Beverly Park neighborhood? Well aware that, of the more than 70 homes, reports Dirt, there will be many Hollywood stars. of names? Justin Bieber, Adele, The Rock. This we tell you, if you are interested…

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