Rodgers: Airport of Peru, a pandemonio by coronavirus


The activity of the airports has been reduced in recent weeks because of the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19)some by limiting your itinerary of flights and even shutting their doors, as happened with the Lima on the 23rd of march, to prevent access to Peru, a country where he was the quarterback veteran Aaron Rodgers.

For example, according to several reports, it was announced that the International Airport Jorge Chávez (Lima) only would continue in office for landing flights to pick up tourists and bring them back to peruvians abroad.

This Friday, in a telephone interview in the podcast McAfee & Hawk: Sports TalkPat McAfee and A. J. Hawk, excompañero of Rodgers in Lambeau Field, the quarterback Green Bay Packers he talked about his hasty departure from Peru.

“Have you seen the movie Argo? The scene at the end where they are going to the airport”said Rodgers to the former players of the NFL, in reference to the tape drama directed by and starring Ben Affleck. “No one is chasing us or stopping fortunately”added.

“We didn’t have to speak Persian to return to the country, but there were some moments in which we were worried about not being able to get out. It was an absolute pandemonio in the airport”described Rodgers his experience, and commented that he and his three companions managed to take a private flight 15 minutes before the airport closed.

Visit in Cuzco

The graduate of the University of california at Berkeley was visiting with his three companions to the Peruvian Andes, to Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire. In accordance with the player named twice MVP of the NFL, at the time of his arrival there were no cases of Covid-19.

In addition, neither he nor his companions presented none of the symptoms during their stay in Peru or from your arrival home. “So I think we’re good”shared on the podcast.

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