Rodolfo D’Onofrio revealed Macri’s dark retaliation for pepper spray: “I can’t tell you more clearly”

The May 14, 2015 in La Bombonera, the pepper spray thrown by the fan “Xeneize” nicknamed “Baker” marked an unfortunate moment in the history of the Super classic. Ended up with the Boca vs. River in the eighths of the Libertadores Cup and the illusions of the premises. At that moment, Mauricio Macri fired a PRO militant who worked in the club Nunez and traveled the next day to Conmebol headquarters in Paraguay to show the evidence. A) Yes Rodolfo D’Onofrio detailed it in TyC Sports.

River’s highest authority gave an interview for the program Super Soccer where he spoke of various topics related to the present and future of the institution. Antonio Serpa, a journalist and a fan of the La Ribera club, hurried him live by asking him about the episode that occurred in 2015 and D’Onofrio He told details of that night and revealed what happened to Ignacio Villarroel, at that time a lawyer for the institution of Núñez and militant of the PRO.

River did not want to continue the game, tried not to continue playing“, launched the panelist. And received the response of the head honcho “Millionaire”: “It is not like that, that is not true. Given what happened, River presented the evidence. We were not a party to the trial. What we did was bring documentation, nothing more than that, and then Conmebol decided. All this is an invention of those who were in Mouth at that moment”.

“What you have to do is to present the documentation of what happened in the place where you felt affected and that was what River did. I’m going to tell you more because you put your finger in it. The day it happened I go to the locker room and he comes looking for me the president of Boca, please ask me to accompany you to see if I could get Boca players committed to ‘La 12’ that they did not let the players of River will enter“he added.

“The next morning Villarroel travels taking all the documentation to Conmebol. Calls me Daniel Angelici and he says to me: ‘Rodolfo I apologize to you, I really can’t believe what happened.’ Later in a program they tell me ‘I turned on the television’ and I find Angelici and Arruabarrena killing me. Who gave the instruction for them to do that I don’t know. I want to tell you something else. Do you know what the PRO did with Villarroel? They kicked him out. He was a man who was active in the PRO, is that clear? More clearly I cannot tell you, “said D’Onofrio.

The “Millionaire” won 1 to 0 in the first leg and was drawing goalless on the road when the first half ended. He was about to go out to play the complement and received the fan attack which forced the referee to suspend the match. Several members of the squad led by Marcelo gallardo they weren’t fit to play and after we complain to the entity that governs South American football finally the cast of “Doll” advanced round.

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