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Madrid (Agencia EFE) – Actor Rodolfo Sancho asks his son Daniel Sancho to be given “the utmost respect”, Arrested in Thailand for murder “In these delicate moments and the most chaotic moments,” he pleaded guilty for the entire family.

Rodolfo Sancho statement

In a brief statement sent to EFE, the actor and the young man’s family begged “the media not to make any hasty judgments based on the latest events”.

They also asked not to release information that “could interfere with judicial developments, the proper process of investigations and any diplomatic action that may be under way”.

Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, 29, has been in police custody since Friday and pleaded guilty the next day to the murder and dismemberment of his Colombian friend Edwin Arrieta Ateya Edwin Arrieta Arteaga was charged and arrested, but no formal charges have been laid against him.

Daniel Sancho statement

In a statement to EFE news agency on Sunday, the young man admitted he was guilty of Arrieta’s murder and assured that he did so because he felt he was his hostage.

“I’m guilty, but I’m Edwin’s hostage. He’s holding me hostage. It was a glass cage, but that’s what a cage is. It made me ruin my relationship with my girlfriend, it forced me to do what I Things that would never be done,” Sancho said, speaking in front of a Thai public defender at his Koh Phangan police station and several officers. is being held.

Sancho, who will appear in court on Monday on the neighboring island of Koh Samui, said he believed his father was already on his way to Thailand and would arrive on Koh Samui on Monday or Tuesday.

Thai police rebuild suspected murder with Daniel Sancho

Thai police joined Daniel Sancho Bronchalo on Sunday to reconstruct the murder of Colombian Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, the young The Spaniard was arrested as a suspect on Saturday.

Police sources confirmed to EFE that Thai agents took Sancho, 29, to different locations on the island to recreate the crime, including Haad Rin Beach, where the young man was allegedly with Ariel shortly before his disappearance. tower together.

After reconstruction, the suspect, son of Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, returned to the Koh Phangan police station and met senior police officers in a conference room, EFE reported.

Sancho, wearing a dark T-shirt and not handcuffed, sat at a table with several others.

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