Roger Gracie arrives in Ecuador to host jiu-jitsu seminar

“Hard work, dedication, and belief in yourself” are the keys to success Roger Gracie, 10 times world champion Jujitsu, who is coming Ecuador Workshop taking place this Saturday, September 16th at the historic park samborondong.

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Roger is part of the lineage of creators of this piece martial arts, The Gracie family from Brazil.He dedicated much of his life to competing in the sport in which he is considered the best ever since he was crowned world champion Black belt, 10 times in various weight classes.

“The Goat” retired undefeated in jiu-jitsu and continued his mixed martial arts career.

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After arriving in the country, he spoke to Expreso and said he was very excited. “I long to see Ecuadorian Jiu-Jitsu CommunityI’ve heard a lot.”

Football has Messi, basketball has Jordan, and BJJ has Roger Gracie, so it’s inevitable to ask: How do you become the best of all time?

“Because I believe in myself, I dedicate myself and train hard day in and day out until I achieve what I want to achieve. It all comes down to Hard”Roger said.

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