Rogue individual follow-up: from quality 10 to Broun’s saves

Jorge Broun: 8 Again vital. Great save by hand changed to Benítez with the game 1 to 0 and another great one to Acosta in the complement with the game 2 to 0. He was not responsible for the discount

Damián Martínez: 4 Lazy both in the brand and in the projections; made a good closing avoiding a goal chance in the second half before being substituted

Facundo Almada: 5.5 Attentive to the closings. It never got complicated

Gastón Ávila: 5.5 In general he complied although in some action he risked more

Lautaro Blanco: 7 Again very important with his projections. He threw the center of the first goal and started the play of the second

Gino Infantino: 7 Very moving and always dangerous with his shots from outside. I live to get out fast

Emanuel Ojeda: 7 Good game. He opened the way to victory with a goal of 9 and was the middle thermometer

Emiliano Vecchio: 9 The great figure. He masterfully defined his two goals and masterfully handled the ball every time he had it

Francesco Lo Celso: 5.5 He always asked for it and tried to associate with his companions; he needed to risk more

Lucas Gamba: 4.5 It was not the one from other afternoons. He could never unbalance and missed a couple of clear chances

Marco Ruben: 6 Commendable delivery all afternoon. He couldn’t score his goal but it was productive: he pivoted very well and Canalla gave the second goal to Vecchio. At the end the crossbar denied him what would have been a goal from a free kick

They entered:

Ulises Ciccioli: 5 Moved smoothly down the right lane

Diego Zabala: 6 He participated a lot in the game and combined perfectly with Vecchio in the third goal Canalla

Luca Martínez Dupuy: s / c Few minutes on the court. He hardly touched the ball

Michael Covea: s / c He came into contact with the ball several times but without much clarity

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