Rogue individual follow-up: Marco Ruben had his well deserved “10”

Jorge Broun: 7. Another extraordinary save with a hand already pure reflex to avoid the discount. Then he was injured and worried.

Damian Martinez: 7. He played a special match for his past in Union. Great substance to defend and in general he went on to attack with discretion, he even scored the center of the third goal and even encouraged himself to some luxury.

Facundo Almada: 6.5. He complied without complicating each time they demanded it and at the end he took one on the line.

Gastón Ávila: 6. He complied, although as always he had some unnecessary overconfidence. In the first half a shot from his hit the post and Meza was sent off for a hard infraction against him.

Lautaro Blanco: 6.5. Again he scored a center-assist for Ruben’s second goal.

Gino Infantino: 6.5. Several interesting starts and good associations with his peers

Emanuel Ojeda: 6.5. Always well standing in the middle and of course with the ball

Emiliano Vecchio: 7.5. Good execution of the corner in which Ruben opened the scoring and excellent definition for the fourth Canalla

Francesco Lo Celso: 5. He lacked precision with the ball but at least he handled with criteria the counter of the third goal Canalla.

Lucas Gamba: 5. A lot of mobility but without the necessary precision to generate clear chances. He left half an hour away thinking about Sunday’s clash against River

Marco Ruben: 10. Another stellar night of the goal animal. Three great definitions of the head to be only one behind Torito Aguirre as the maximum historical gunner


Juan Pablo Romero: 5. Little work and no responsibility in the Sabalero goal

Ulises Ciccioli: 5. He showed personality on his side

Diego Zabala: 5. Constant round trip on both lanes. Alternated good and bad

Michael Covea: 6. With spaces he took advantage of his category to handle the ball and make goal plays

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