Roldan directs Cristiano Ronaldo: red card and penalty awarded

ESPN.comSeptember 16, 2023 12:55 ESTReading: 2 minutes

Al Nasr Beat Al Raad 3-1 in the new round of the Saudi Arabian League, the winning rate of this game is The protagonist is Colombian referee Vilma Roldan.

Roldan led Cristiano’s Al-Nasr team in the Arabian Peninsula.Effie

The Antioquian was chosen to blow the whistle in this game, but he wasn’t the only Colombian on the field. The entire assistant team (Alexandre Guzman and Miguel Roldan) and the VAR assistant (Mauricio Perez) also traveled from Colombia.

Roldan didn’t do much in a game dominated by Cristiano Rolando’s side, although he did make two important decisions in the game.

As first-half stoppage time expired, a defensive failure by Al Raad resulted in a last-man tackle on Sadio Mane. Wilma Roldan had no choice but to show Bender Vaehi a red cardWith 45 minutes left in the game, he gave his team one point less.

It’s already the second half, Colombian judge delivers clear penalty Thumbs up to Al Raed and a yellow card to Al-Amri. Fozal converted the top penalty into a subtly defined goal via a chip.

In short, Roldan handled the game calmly, without too many frictions and without any controversy. In the end, Al Nasr won 3-1, and Ronaldo scored again. Roldan showed a total of four yellow cards and one red card.

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