Roles, and Scott-Thomas are shown in a movie, and the “healing power” of music


Silvia García Herráez

Madrid, 30 mar (EFE).- Peter Cattaneo is in the mood to tell you a little, and with the help of Kristin Scott Thomas’s build is a story about the lives of the wives of the military personnel of the armed forces, and on the “healing power” of music, “the sound of the music!!!”, presented at the BCN Film Fest.

“We have seen it during the confinement time, we use it to pass the time. Singing together is not only what we are, the more they are united, and if it doesn’t make us stronger,” says the british director, in an interview with REUTERS about the film, which debuts on the 24th of July in the Uk.

And because of this, the music, and in particular the choir, is the point of a union is a group of women, who are trying to overcome their fears over the loss of their husbands in the military in combat zones.

The inspiration came to him in the Roles, in the year of 2015, having seen a BBC documentary about a choir for the wives of military personnel who trained at Catterick Garrison, England, in the year of 2010. He was very excited” that he resolved to take a deeper look into the lives of these women, and to make a film about them.

“I got in touch with the choir and the royal women of the military. I spent the entire day with them, going to rehearsals and seeing as they were helping each other, and how they made jokes about the situation. It created an energy that is very uplifting in the living room, so I decided to capture the very essence and transmission of the property into a film,” says the director.

Roles, (Twickenham, England, 1964) nominated for the academy award for best director for his opera prima, “the Full Monty” (1997), directed Scott Thomas, Sharon Horgan, Jason Flemyng, and Lara Rossi in the “emotional” film.

“You all are the ones that have helped me a lot, most of all, She and He, who, while they feel more comfortable with the play, they understood perfectly what I wanted it to reflect that, for these women, full of life and laughter, and in situations as complicated as it is to see you march off to war for someone you care about,” he says.

Roles, and if he feels “proud” of that balance, and that they were able to do in between the drama and the comedy, “The reflection of the times, sad as it is to lose a loved one, and the games, to overcome and to live with the day-to-day basis, of all of this is very well reflected in the film. I feel proud of everything that has made it possible to do so”.

Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan, bring to life the two women led the choir, from Catterick Garrison, and that, in spite of their differences, and the rivalry between the different styles of leadership are able to lead your group of girls to the highest level.

“Before we make a film we studied a lot of the details of the dances, and, of course, there were women of all types and in different regions, according to the position they will take care of the husband is within the Military, but what interested me is that, in spite of their differences, the two women were together for the first time, thanks to the music. How much greater was the conflict between the two of them at the beginning, the easier it was for the music solventara to their problems,” she explains.

He added: “The choir will not only have to break down the barriers, if you don’t fix it is this snobbery that existed between the different ranks of the Army, and I think that this has been achieved,” he added.

Roles that show the “happy” to be able to come back with a movie at the cinemas in the Uk, it was released just before the start of the confinement, – will be hoping that his movie will help people who find themselves in the same situation as these women. “The film encourages you to do different activities as a group, what they do, they will be stronger,” he said. TODAY


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