Rolling Stone magazine (·Salma Hayek shows that he embraced the british phonographic industry, after remove the water from the rapper: ‘I was mortified’


The actress posted a picture of the backstage of the Oscars, at the side of the rapper on Instagram after the incident

On the night of the Oscar ceremony Eminem it surprised the audience up to the stage to sing a version of the “Lose Yourself”, the soundtrack of the film 8 Mile, the Street of the illusionsfor which he won the Oscar for Best soundtrack in the year 2003.

However, viewers have not been the only ones that surpreenderem, with the appearance of the album. The Salma Hayek he has published on Instagram a photo of the behind-the-scenes, in which it is located to the side of Eminem, a year later, he pours the water into the same. Please refer to the following information:

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“In each of them, there might not be Eminem we are best friends, but what actually happened is that he wanted to leave the scene, and I was preparing to enter him. I was so surprised to see what I’ve spilled water on it,” he wrote in the caption.

“If you fixed the face, I seem to be mortified, and I seems scary to me. While trying to clean up, hugged him impulsively and said: “nice to meet you Rapper, I’m a BIG fan,” he continues.

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Despite knowing that the singer of the rap Allen he said that he hoped the meeting was the best.

“I felt so disappointed that I’ve been silly in front of him. Eminem you’re the best!!!” in the biography.”

In an interview granted to the Variety ofthe rapper was asked if he had enjoyed the night of the Oscars, and said: “of course. I have a big hug from Salma Hayek!”.

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