Rolling Stones, new album is ready: clues are clear

With a very curious and mysterious marketing campaign, the Rolling Stones would announce the release of a new album.

This is called ghost promotion. And this is one of the great news of social media marketing. You advertise something that doesn’t exist in order to advertise something else.

Lately too Ed Sheeran chose a completely innovative way to announce the release of a new record, disguised as a TV advertisement that offered baskets of agricultural products on teleshopping. Never Rolling Stones they really outdid themselves with a totally hilarious promotion…

Rolling Stones and Hackney Diamonds

The band has just completed another world tour of their career, recording various new material, first rehearsed during sound checks and then perfected with a short recording session.

The group went on vacation, but Keith Richards one side and Mick Jagger on the other hand, they will continue to work on new material, which is almost ready for release at the moment. Just yesterday on the site Hackney Gazette there was a very strange advertisement that did not lead to any coherent commercial activity. And everything suggests that behind the message is the announcement of the release of a new unreleased album by the legendary English band. This will be the 31st record in their huge discography.

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, Rolling Stones 31st Album Ready – Credits ANSA (

Hackney – a suburb in north London, not far from the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s home stadium, which Jagger always supported. An area that can also be traced back to history Rolling Stonesbecause if it is true that the band was born and raised on the other side of the Thames, among the band’s first official performances immediately after their first move to London are two shows inHackney Empire Theater. A strange advertisement has been appearing in the local newspaper for several days. Hackney Diamonds, an artisan company specializing in glass cutting and repair. But there are some very interesting details…

All clues

First of all, the title uses the iconic logo of the gods as a pushpin. Rolling Stones, a language inspired by one of Mick Jagger’s many approaches. The ad highlights some keywords that relate to the group’s success…Parts of paramount importance, such as Satisfaction, Give me shelter, Destroyed.

Graphic designers noticed another interesting thing: the same font was used for the design of the ad as for the cover packaging. Some girls1978 entry. And there Hackney Diamonds It appears to have been founded in 1962, the same year the band was officially formed, when only Brian Jones was in the original lineup: Richards and Jagger arrived the following year.


Too many clues: everything suggests that the band’s new album will be called Hackney Diamonds and will be released in early September. This will be the first album of unreleased songs without Charlie Watts: even if some rumors make it seem like most of the material was recorded with Watts, still on drums. And, therefore, goes back to the pre-pandemic period.

Hackney Diamonds it’s not just the supposed name of the company that the Stones are referring to. As well as a saying used in London slang.

Advertisement for the new Rolling Stones album in Hackney Gazette – Credits to Hackney Gazette (

Hackney it is known as a particularly popular area: in the 60s it was perhaps also one of the least safe. When a person dealt with Hackney Diamonds it was because someone had broken the windows of his car, perhaps to steal his car radio, coat, or purse. THAT diamonds they were just shards of broken crystal inside wrecked cars.

In London the term was also used Dalston Diamondsone of the districts of the Hackney area. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards instead they come from Dartford who a few days ago unveiled a large open statue of two legendary musicians sculpted in bronze next to each other in one of the central squares of the area south of the Thames.

The phone number in the ad is also very strange. What we were obviously trying to compose: on the other side of the tube we hear a man, certainly not Jagger or even Richards, who with a very strong accent cockney He says… “This is Hackney Diamonds, glass repair specialists. Don’t be mad, fix it.”
Website hackney filed in April. But if you subscribe to the site for more information, you’ll find yourself in the archives of Universal Music Group, the recording giant that manages the Rolling Stones’ catalog.

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