Roma, renewal, Mourinho and an anecdote about a taxi driver from Lazio

Andrea Belotti extended contract with Rome before 2025 and after signing, he became the protagonist of a long interview on the official website of the Giallorossi club: “When I stepped into Trigoria I realized the importance of this team, these people, this city. I see this expansion as a milestone in a journey that began a year ago.”.

Belotti then added: “I am thankful Thiago Pinto for giving me the opportunity to play for Roma. The staff and coach for helping me do it the best way possible and for believing in me, as well as my teammates who immediately made me feel like part of the family.”.

Belotti, Roma and… Lazio: anecdote

A funny anecdote from a conversation with the attacker Rome: “The end of August last year, it was the day the contract was signed. I was staying at a hotel. I booked a restaurant to celebrate my official arrival in the Giallorossi and called a taxi. The taxi arrived, there were three of us there. I sat in the back. The taxi driver looks in the rearview mirror, recognizes me and says to the person sitting in front: sit in the back and Rooster comes ahead. I follow him, we go off and start talking about formations, about players present and past, about what it’s like to go on the field, and from time to time the conversations are interspersed with a nun, I think… I have a Rooster in the car!. Once we reach our destination, we take a photo, he hugs me and says: I have to tell you something… I respect you a lot, but I know about Lazio… and I still love you..

Belotti: “Mourinho forces you to give 130 percent”

Honey words for Jose Mourinho handed UEFA four-match ban: “A coach is a winner: he makes you understand the importance of winning and teaches you to always want to win, game after game. And he also has a great gift, he has strong sympathy for the guys. When you think about giving 100 percent, he’s able to get 130 percent out of you, he manages to push you beyond your limits, and a lot.”.

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