Roma Unplugged Festival, music meets archeology

Appia Antica Archaeological Park hosts the second edition ofRome Unplugged Festival“, the event in which music and archeology merge in a unique landscape in the world, between present and past, between history and archaeology.

From 30 June to 2 July 2023, the Villa de Quintili and the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella will be transformed into ideal stages for internationally renowned artists

,Rome Unplugged FestivalIn its 2023 edition will open with the wonderful voice of Achinom nini, just noa for the whole world, Australian artists will perform in the quartet joined by guitarist Gil Dorr, his longtime musical collaborator and composer Daniel Dorr on drums and Omri Abramov on saxophone and EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). surrounded by awesome Archaeological landscape of the Villa dei Quintili, Noah will retrace his musical history, from his latest album to his first unforgettable hit. rendezvous with noa and her gang Friday 30 June at 21.00 at the Villa de Quintili.

On the first day of July at 7.30 pm it will be the turn of the text-concert with polyphonic singing.San Salvador and Italia NostraOn the Tomb of Cecilia Metella. To follow in Villa dei Quintili at 21.00, simone christicchi and amara They will face the mysterious performances of the great Battito with grace and dignity. again a collective of six voices, twelve hands and a drummer”San Salvador and Italia Nostra“, will animate the Villa dei Quintili on 2 July at 7.00, while from 18.00, the protagonist of the evening will be Mogul, Renowned authors and producers will explain through examples of seminal pieces”pop’s way“The Evolution of Interpretation, from the Novel to the Present, from Claudio Villa to Ed Sheeran”.

,Rome Unplugged FestivalThe second edition will close on July 2 at 21.00 in the Villa dei Quintili Ayers Tango by Ralph Towner and Javier Giroto, The poems of an incomparable master of the guitar like American Towner will provide new and virtuosic sounds with the skills of the Italian-Argentine group.

Tickets have a special price, which includes, in addition to attending concerts, a visit to the archaeological sites of the Appian Way.

12 Euros for the Villa de Quintili and 10 Euros for the Mausoleum of Cecilia MetellaThe Appia Antica Archaeological Park has provided a series for participants of the “Roma Unplugged Festival”. free guided tours, Accompanied by park staff, visitors will be able to enjoy the archaeological wonders Quintili’s VillaDid Tomb of Cecilia Metella He was born V Mile of Appia AnticaStarting at 17.00 on June 30 and July 1. All information on guided tours.

Appia Antica Archaeological Park extends to 4500 hectares rich in biodiversity, monuments and archaeological complexes Of immense historical importance with over 260 structures from the Roman era. There Quintili’s VillaLocated on the fifth mile of Via Appia Antica, it is the largest residential complex in the suburb of Rome. Recent archaeological investigations encouraged by the park have uncovered more monumental buildings attached to the villa, dedicated to entertainment, such as a theater and a circus for horse racing. Modern farmhouse on Via Appia Nuova has one antiquarian who preserves sculptural and architectural pieces of great value Coming from Via Appia Antica and from the Villa itself. Tomb of Cecilia Metella Instead it is one of the emblematic places of the Appia Antica. Built between 30 and 10 BC, the monument still stands today. Impresses the traveler with its magnificence,

The appointment with the “Roma Unplugged Festival” is from 30 June to 2 July 2023 at the Villa dei Quintili via Appia Nuova 1092 and at the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella via Appia Antica 161.

Program of the “Roma Unplugged Festival” 2023

  • Friday 30 June at 21.00 – Villa dei Quintili – Noa in concert
  • Saturday 1 July at 7.30pm – Tomb of Cecilia Metella – Lesson-concert of San Salvador in collaboration with Italia Nostra.
  • Saturday 1st July at 21.00 – Villa dei Quintili – “We’ll Be Back Again” with Simone Cristichi and Amara.
  • Sunday 2nd July at 07.00 – Villa dei Quintili – San Salvador and Italia Nostra in concert
  • Sunday 2 July at 18.00 – Villa dei Quintili – “The Path of Pop”, Mogols Lectio Magistralis.
  • Sunday 2 July at 21.00 – Villa dei Quintili – Rappel Towner and Ayers Tango in concert.


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