Roma will Donate 25 Thousand masks and hand sanitizer for hospital

165 Roma Roma try to participate in the handling of the pandemic-virus, corona-Covid-19 in Italy. The Italian capital club, that you choose to donate masks and hand sanitizer to the hospital.

Funds in the amount of 250 thousand euros, the purchase is in the possession of the AS Roma directly to 25 thousand masks, and hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer. After that you have the equipment to medical institutions directly.

“On Tuesday (17/3/), the club a total of 13,000 masks FFP2 offers to several hospitals in the city, along with 120 bottles of hand sanitizer-500 ml,” – said in a statement, the Roma.

“As many as the 12,000 the next mask will be delivered on Monday, during a 1,500-mask type FFFP3 is also channeled to the hospital on Friday,” continued the statement.

AS Roma also wore a mask, the national Institute for infectious diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani, was in the middle of the treatment of infectious diseases in the capital of Italy.