Romain Grosjean: The pilot’s children watching TV during the crash, Marion Jolles tells …


Marion Jolles, the wife of the miraculous pilot Romain Grosjean, returned to the way in which the children witnessed the terrible crash on television …

We cannot say it enough, Romain Grosjean is a miracle. On Sunday, November 29, the Franco-Swiss driver was the victim of a terrible accident during the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix. His Haas machine went off the track following a collision with another driver and was completely dislocated, colliding with 220 km / h safety barriers, before igniting. The husband of the host Marion Jollès remained in his car in flames for 28 seconds before being able to get out of it miraculously without too many consequences, only burns especially on the hands. However, the pilot recently had to undergo double surgery to clean his left thumb injury and also treat his right hand which was burnt in the crash.

An event that ends well but inevitably traumatic for the family who was present in front of the television. This is particularly the case of the pilot’s three children, Sacha, Simon, and Camille, aged seven, five and soon to be three, who witnessed this impressive accident live. In an interview with Gala, Marion Jollès returned to the circumstances of this viewing:  “They like to watch their father on television and usually I’m alone with them.  This time, exceptionally, Romain’s dad and his wife were present. When we saw the accident, my father-in-law’s wife immediately took the children away  said the host.

Fortunately, the children weren’t left in the dark for too long. ” As soon as I saw Romain come out, I went to tell them that their dad was fine. I explained to them that he was a superhero because he had come out of the fire after a big accident. Our son Simon, aged 5 years old, is convinced that he flew to get out of the blaze. According to him, it was his heart that saved him. His brother Sacha, 7, needed to see his father on video and that ‘he tells her that everything is fine to be relieved. He said to me:’ I was afraid that dad would never be the same again, all burnt out ‘ “she reported. Fortunately, all’s well that ends well!