Romantic Pilar Fogliati makes her directorial debut with the Sky Cinema comedy.

After success in Italian cinemas comes on the first romantic televisionvery interesting first job Pilar Fogliati, Monday 31 July at 9.15pm on Sky Cinema Uno. (also 9.45pm on Sky Cinema Romance), streaming NOW and available on demand.

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In the film, Pilar Fogliati – in addition to directing – plays four ironic portraits that give life to episodic comedy. Participating in the film Barbora Bobulova, Levant, Diana Fleury, Giovanni Toscano, Ibrahim Keshk, Emanuele Propizio AND Giovanni Ansaldo, with friendly participation Rodolfo Lagana And Edoardo Purgatori. The item has Giovanni Veronesi AND Pilar Fogliati.

The script was written by Giovanni Veronesi, Pilar Fogliati and Giovanni Nasta. The film was awarded the 2023 Nastro D’Argento Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Film for Pilar Fogliati and the 2023 Globo d’Oro Award for Best Comedy and Best Actress (Pilar Fogliati again).

ROMANTICHE is a production of INDIANA PRODUCTION and VISION DISTRIBUTION in collaboration with SKY, PRIME VIDEO and OGI Film.

The stories of four girls living in and around Rome: Eugenia Pratico, an aspiring screenwriter who fled Palermo in search of success while it was a niche; Uvetta Budini di Raso, an aristocrat, beautiful and sleeping in the historical center, making her debut in the world of work; Michela Trezza, who is about to get married and loves her provincial life in Guidonia; Tasia De Tiberis, a whore from northern Rome who wants to keep everything under control, even her boyfriend’s desires. And all four are looking for their place in the world in their own way.

ROMANCE – Monday 31 July at 9.15pm on Sky Cinema Uno (also 9.45pm on Sky Cinema Romance), streaming NOW and available on demand.

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