The Council of Ministers, in the presence of the President of the Province of Bolzano, Arno Compacher, approved the rule for the implementation of the Special Law of the Trentino-Alto Adige Region on Autonomy in Sports.

The legislative decree containing amendments to the Decree of the President of the Republic of March 28, 1975 No. 475 on sports and recreational events with associated facilities and equipment, the subject of lengthy negotiations with the competent ministry and the National Olympic Committee (Coni), can be summarized in four points.

The implementing rule provides primarily for a provincial rather than a regional division of CONI into two autonomous provinces. Regarding the autonomy of the Italian National Olympic Committee itself, which is part of such a prestigious international organization as the IOC, the law simply provides that CONI takes into account the linguistic characteristics of the territories.

Secondly, the linguistic characteristics of the territories will also have to be taken into account by national sports federations, relevant sports disciplines and sports development bodies. In addition (and this is the second strong element of the law) it provides for the recognition of Vss (Verband der Sportvereine Südtirols/Federation of Sports Associations of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano) and Ussa (Union of Sports Clubs of South Tyrol) as organizations involved in the promotion of sports. authorities in derogation from territorial requirements, which require activities in five regions. Finally, the law provides for the exercise of control functions by the province of Bolzano over the same Vss and Ussa. (Vs)

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