Rome Unplugged Festival between Noa and Mogol

Come back Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July Appia Antica Archaeological Park second edition of Rome Unplugged Festival, In a setting of suspended time, three days of live music come alive in the mornings and evenings, lectio magistralis and guided tours in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

Rome Unplugged Festival kicks off with Noa

Situated between the grand Villa dei Quintili and the mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, this year the event hosts the Voice Noahlike a giant Mogul In a Lectio Magistralis. simone christicchi and amara Joe handles Batiato’s mysterious displays with politeness and respect. energy of San Salvador With the double date at both sites, Ralph Towner’s Guitar meets Javier Girotto’s Aires Tango.

The opening is entrusted to a great voice on Friday 30 June at 21 o’clock, achinoam nini, Just Noah for the whole world. The Israeli artist will perform as a quartet alongside exceptional guitarist and longtime musical collaborator Gil Dor. R by composers Daniel Dorr on drums and Omri Abramov on saxophone and EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). Surrounded by views of the Villa dei Quintili, the concert will unfold like a journey between past and present, from the artist’s latest album to his first, unforgettable successes.

simone christicchi and amara

On Saturday July 1 again at 21 o’clock in the Villa dei Quintili Simone Cristicchi and Amara will be guests of the festival with the “Torneremo Ancora” – the mystical concert for Battiato. Both actors play Batiato’s mystical repertoire with grace and respect, becoming bearers of the spiritual messages that have immortalized his work. it ranges from universal prayer shadow of light to the poignant Treatmentpassing through and i will come looking for you Till then We will be back againHis latest piece was recorded (and not surprisingly the title chosen for the concert).

A special opportunity to rediscover a great heritage, in a brand new form, arranged by Maestro Walter Civilotti. He was accompanied on stage by soloists from the Nanois Academy of Pordenone. Namely: Lucia Clonferro (violin), Igor Dario (viola), Alan Dario (cello), UT Gandhi (percussion), Franca Drioli (soprano). A few hours before the concert, at the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella (at sunset at 7.30 p.m.), a text-concert from San Salvador comes to life in collaboration with Italia Nostra.

On Sunday 2nd July we will start shortly after dawn with a concert in the Villa dei Quintili (7am) San Salvador. A group of six voices, twelve hands and one drummer have decided to stake everything on the encounter between rhythm and vocal polyphony, Occitan, as the starting point to give life to their art. The group defines itself as “a popular choir from the Massif Central”, but it may have much more to offer than this title. Capable of evoking “the improvisations of Steve Reich as well as the energy of a rock concert” – as Liberation writes – the six members of San Salvador represent an important new folk scene from deep France, magnetizing local repertoire. , pulsating and manage to transform into. Relentless polyphonic experimentation.

Mogul and “The Path of the POP”

It continues in the afternoon (6.00 p.m.) with Mogol’s Lectio Magistralis “The Path of the Pope”. Renowned writers and producers will explain the evolution of interpretation, from romance to the present day, while listening to a few songs From Claudio Villa to Ed Sheeran,

The day ends at 21 o’clock with poems by an incomparable master of the guitar, the American Ralph Towner. it will exceed the virtues Ayers Tango by Javier Girotto, giving new sonic nuances. an unforgettable opportunity to hear excerpts from DuendeThe album born of the collaboration between the historical member of Oregon and the Italian-Argentine Quartet.

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