Rome World Cup Jason West vs Tri Armada

Spain goes all out for Rome World Cup

Roma will be the second consecutive World Cup after Tangier. The Spanish team will do their best.

Regulars in Olympic wrestling, except for Alberto Gonzalez, who is still suffering from mononucleosis, and David Cantero, who is about to break through in 2023.

evidence it will be held at sprint distance Vasco Bilasa will be the main favourite, but it won’t be easy for him, with the entire podium of the U23 World Cup, as well as Hungary’s Lehmann, Salzila, Tom Richard, Martin Van Riel and Ruhrs and others will be looking for victory.

However great attack is American Jason WestAbsent from ITU competition since 2020 and MD competition since Asian PTO Open, surprising everyone his walking concert In the European Open PTO Ibiza test he had Blumenfeldt walk 1 minute and 30 minutes, and especially in the US Open PTO he ran over 4 minutes in the next part of the walk, Runs over 5 minutes in Blumenfeldt and Frodeno.

His choice was to be promoted to the leadership group, for which he had to find someone willing, and Mantecon, in addition to being one of the candidates for the podium, was also one of the leaders.

The rest of the choices are made up of Antonio Serrat, Sergio Baxter and David Castro As a candidate, any one of them should at least strive for the podium, besides Grau He led the Spanish team in Pontevedra until the main draw. Finally, David Cantero is in very good physical condition after his experience in Tangier and will represent Spain for the first time after many consecutive games against all the athletes participating in the Olympics.

In the women’s division, as in the men’s division, those who competed in Olympic wrestling were selected Noelia Juan,favorite, Anna Godoy and Marta Pintanel They will certainly seek to improve their standing in Tangier.

In this match they will face the German team, this time Nina Eim and Marlene Gómez, the French player Gautier, and other players including Vicki Four British women, including Vicky Holland, returned with a seventh-place finish in Tangier last weekend after nearly two years of maternity leave. place. Also Rachel Klamer, Swiss Schar and Swedish Tilda Manson.

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