Romina Gaetani: The consequences of severe bronchitis, her role in Goodfellas and her desire to become a mother

Romina Gaetani She returns to television as the complex character of an alcoholic woman in the new Eltrece series. good guy. Additionally, the actress and singer is working on a song that she will soon release as a solo artist.

He spends a lot of time these days in the dressing room he shares with actors, Marita Ballesteros Inside there is a huge mirror with lights around it, a sofa bed and a bathroom. Although the place was warm, there were no personal belongings.In conversation nation, the actress felt comfortable speaking about the elements of her experience that she brought to her role, speaking of love, the desire to become a mother and her health, since two months ago she was hospitalized for two months with severe bronchitis week. He still suffers from the consequences of the bad moment he experienced and possible malfeasance that his lawyers are investigating.

-How are you feeling today?

-a little better. I had severe bronchitis, almost pneumonia. I was admitted to the Bazterrica Clinic and it was a very uncomfortable six days and a very unpleasant experience. I was admitted on a Friday, had an IV and was given corticosteroids on Saturday, but at midnight, shortly after my brother left, I was out of breath. I have asthma, which is why the respiratory symptoms are complicated. I told the nurse and a doctor came and ordered me to do a series of nebulizers with corticosteroids. It wasn’t doing me any good, I told him, I was broken down, I was having a serious crisis, my heart was beating fast, my body muscles were contracting, I had a tremor that I didn’t remember ever having, I couldn’t even move Moved the bed. The doctor came back and I asked her why they were giving me those nebulizers that were making me sick and she started arguing loudly with me. This made me so angry and I felt so alone and defenseless and didn’t understand what was happening to me and the doctors who had no control over me. They took the doctor out of the room, leaving only a nurse who gave me water and massaged my back. The palpitations continued, I suddenly went blind, my vision was completely blurred, and I remember calling a lawyer. I’m still not feeling well physically and emotionally. I still have a lot of anxiety and any extreme stressful stimulus makes me nervous.

-This matter is left to the lawyers, so…

-Yes, in the hands of Dr. Ignacio Trimarco. I also called my brother that night. Although I couldn’t speak, he heard my moans and came to the hospital. I asked for a doctor other than that one and ended up spending an hour alone with no one paying attention. It’s unclear what happened and why they brought me to such a critical state. I had panic attacks a few years ago and they didn’t tell me that too much corticosteroids could cause panic attacks to feel like. This is something I still feel and talk about in therapy. On the other hand, I had to approach the character of an alcoholic and I needed to have the rhythm of a striptease to work with. I’m grateful that Adrian (Suar) communicated with me from day one and they kept me away from recording for three weeks, and I’m also grateful that I was able to ask for help and that they understood me.

-What happened after that ugly incident?

-I stayed in Bazterica for six days, they discharged me, but I did not recover. After I returned home and still couldn’t breathe, they sent me to a clinic in Argentina where I stayed for 8 days. They got me on the phone, but I didn’t call my doctor until three weeks ago because I still didn’t know what was happening to my body. Don’t know if it was a mistake or what.

-Are you scared?

-I remember it being a traumatic thing and I still suffer from it to this day. I’m not well, but I can go to work. I think I have COVID-19. I got COVID during the pandemic and got the vaccine, and in all the years I’ve had asthma I’ve had a few attacks that I was immediately rescued from, but none like the last one I experienced . Maybe he caught me with very low defense, a lot of work and no rest, plus a bad moment in the clinic on top of that. My take away is that I always come out ahead. My body told me to take my foot off the gas. I am a very strong, positive person who strives to overcome mistakes and illnesses and always keep moving forward.I’m recording good guy I’ve been playing Viviana since April.I did my summer theater show with him a perfect plan, in Carlos Paz, I could not tour this strip. I can’t do everything. I came back from that season and continued making music.The last single I released was Alone with lonelinessI produced, I edited, I directed.

“My journey into music started seven years ago with a band called La Rayada,” comments Romina Gaetani.Alejandro Guyot – LA NACIÓN

-How did your other side come about?

-I started out doing musical comedy with Pepito Cibrián, but I don’t mix it with a singer-songwriter like me because they are different things. Seven years ago, I embarked on a musical journey with one of my bands, La Rayada. Then it broke up and last year I started releasing songs as a solo artist. I love music and that’s where I don’t allow myself to go as an actor. Starting from studying with Alejandra Boero, who was saying we shouldn’t do television, we should hone in theater, I jumped right into television and didn’t stop. So I didn’t have that lab phase, I didn’t give myself room to make mistakes because when you’re exposed to so much stuff overnight, you need to get it right. I saw a group of artists coming together as a laboratory, writing their own work, directing and performing themselves, and I missed that benefit. But it’s never too late and I’m doing it with music. It would be great if they played the song on the radio and the video clip on TV, always welcome. I’m glad whatever happens happens. I create and try to surround myself with people who support the project. Now that I have less and less time, things get complicated, which is why when I record I try to form a team so that they can work on musical demos or compositions at the same time.

-exist good guy Your character is complex, like an alcoholic who wants help but doesn’t know how…

-He is a difficult character because you have to create a comic strip for him without a complete story, they give you chapters to record today or tomorrow. It’s surrender and trust in the daily strip routine, and that’s what I’m good at. Then I had to balance what I could learn about the alcoholic experience with what the novel needed.We agreed with Adrián (Suar) not to do something down This does not contribute to the stripping; rather, I approach it with humor in mind. I talked to people who were alcoholics, I talked to people whose parents were alcoholics, I talked to my therapist, and I put it all together. I don’t use a lot of them, but I use them every day to defend characters. The best thing you can save from a character is a love story with yourself. You have to learn to love yourself, know we are wrong and embrace yourself. I apply it to my daily life. It’s hard for me, but I love it. I guess that’s why I enjoy being alone.

-What personal experiences do you bring to this role?

-The contribution I can make from my position is the impulse of my personality. Words, my gestures.

-Have you ever said you have an addiction problem…

-I have never talked about this and I will not. I don’t want to talk about my personal life. No matter what, there are moments when it comes to telling something personal, and I respect that.I prefer to focus on good guy This is already having good results on the streets. I went grocery shopping this week and the street thermometers in the grocery store were really good. They tell me: “I’m reading a novel and it’s good.” Everyone has comments. I’ve been able to make a living working for over two decades, thanks to the stars that aligned for me and myself.

Romina Gaetani and Gina Mastronicola, her daughter in the Good People novelsEl Terese Press

-Chance or good luck?

-I think this strengthens my positivism. I’m always moving, which creates more movement. I also believe in the law of attraction. I don’t know how much luck has to do with it. In my opinion, there are many factors.I did it even during a pandemic stream media We rehearsed a show called Chinese box. I’m very active.

-There were periods when you stopped working. Do these periods coincide with the journey you took as you began your spiritual path to self-knowledge?

-I have been on a spiritual quest since I was about 30 years old and I am now 46 years old. I have studied metaphysics for ten years and read a lot about the Mayan, Inca, Aztec, and Egyptian civilizations; about Lemuria and the Atlanteans. I studied body, mind, and emotional healing. This has to do with meditation and codification. I attended a workshop with a teacher from India.I remember I was recording I’m a gypsy I locked myself in my house on the weekends and spent ten hours a day attending these workshops. During that time I learned to meditate and traveled a lot. I love Mexico, it feels like my second home, and I did soap operas there. I visited the Machu Picchu ruins in Central America and traveled around our country.

-Are you still connected with metaphysics?

-I am changing. Depending on how I feel, I chant other types of mantras or engage with Buddhism. Other times I pray the Rosary, which I consider to be a mantra like any other mantra. I did a lot of experiments. Sometimes I talk to priests I trust, even though I don’t agree with a lot of things about the church and I’m not a practicing Catholic. If I see a prophet or a purveyor of a different philosophy and he stands out from the rest, I go over and talk.

-You’ll never be bored!

-no way. I like to be alone, although I am also very family oriented and have friends. This road makes me happy.

-Are your songs self-referential?Alone with loneliness?

-completely. I like to be alone, I enjoy it. I often travel alone. It’s good for me to be alone.

-If you like to be alone so much, do you dare to live with a couple?

-Yes, I also like relationships. I have many partners. But I also have my moments alone and I respect them. Generally, after I have a good relationship, I grieve alone for a year.

-Are you in a relationship during this time?

– (Laughs) I’m fine.

-What attracts you to your partner?

-There’s something I have to admire about him, no matter what his profession is or where he comes from. Luckily, I consider myself a very careful person, and although sometimes I stumble over the same stone, I try to be patient about it (laughs). When it doesn’t work, I start over, and if Buddhism doesn’t work, I go to Hinduism or listen to mass (laughs). If I’m not out running, I love this exercise, it helps me clear my mind. Just like a good rest. I really enjoy being social, being with my partner, and being alone. Also, I’m very maternal to everything around me, and it makes me tired. I guess that’s why I spend a lot of time alone, to replenish my energy.

-Are you interested in experiencing motherhood at some point in your life?

-Becoming a mother is my wish that I always keep in mind. If it has to be, it will be any way. If I have to be a mother, welcome. I’m a family man and I’ve always been open to motherhood and that’s why I think it has to support me well and I try to do zero kilometers, body and paint, head, physique and spirit. It would be great if that happened, I look like a good mother. If I choose a relationship next time, I won’t have to waste my time. I need it to nourish me and join me, or it won’t work. I want to apply the same thing to my work, whether I continue to be an actor or not.

“One thing I want to do next year is study directing and stage acting,” Romina Gaetani said.Alejandro Guyot – LA NACIÓN

Is this something you’ve ever considered?

-Yes of course. Just like motherhood. Even if I have to study, I can work on other things.

-Is there anything that interests you so much?

-Yes, psychology. There are other things I like but I don’t have the talent for and I won’t waste my time on. There are some undecided things I want to do next year, which is the research direction and stage. I had colleagues ask me to direct them in theatre, which I did as an amateur, but I wanted to learn.

-What projects do you have for the rest of the year?

-I will continue recording until November and then I will put together a band and go out and play. I’m about to release another song as a solo artist with a pre-made video clip. My goal today is to stay calm.

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