Romina Gaetani’s message and her lawyer explaining her situation

“How is Romina Gaetani’s health?” Carmen Barbieri asked the actress’ lawyer, Ignacio Trimarco. very morning Clarify your situation.

“I am in permanent contact with Romina and have been with her through all that she has had to live with. This started on Friday 14th July and she has an underlying condition which is bronchospasm and asthma and is very short of breath. Difficulties… Due to the weather, she developed symptoms of bronchitis and last Friday the 14th she was admitted to the hospital because of this photo, exacerbated by moderate to severe bronchitis,” explained the lawyer.

Romina Gaetani remains in hospital and has asked, through her lawyers, to be transferred.

“She was admitted to the hospital on Friday, and on Saturday night there was a crisis for her due to medication issues and conflicts with the staff at the clinic. It was at that very moment that she called me, her brother, at dawn. The human side curbed it and the brother immediately went to assist. She had that crisis on Saturday and she was able to stabilize and since then the treatment has continued but the truth is that in this place where she is hospitalized things have become a bit tense, They released her temporarily,” he added.

Romina Gaetani

“That’s when we decided to ask for a copy of the full medical history so a team of medical specialists could analyze it and tell us if they were really giving him the right medication and if the treatment was adequate for his condition. He, your diagnosis. They temporarily released him to take a series of medications at home, but his condition was getting worse. She consulted a pulmonologist and immediately sent her to another center to help her, and that’s where she was hospitalized, where she remains today,” she said.

Romina Gaetani remains in hospital and has asked, through her lawyers, to be transferred.

Clarified: “Until we have a medical opinion to prove it, I don’t want to make an allegation of specific malpractice or something else in particular… what we did was formally request a medical history and of course we got it accordingly” .

“Today he’s in the box, thank God he’s improving, it’s a box that takes time, of course that’s fine … hospitalization is always a risk … today he’s improving, he’s Much better. In principle, they plan to remove the route of administration and be able to give him all the drugs orally, which is a huge improvement”, he concludes.

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