Ronald Acuña Jr. and the fact that he became the best run-getter in the major leagues

If we submit it to consensus, In our opinion, most people would probably define a good racer as a heavy hitter who can react when the situation is in his favour., How to find runners installed at third and second basecalled the scoring position.

Ahead of this Tuesday’s event, The 5 best run-scoring creators in MLB this season include Matt Olson with 129, Pete Alonso He is 112 years old, Kyle Tucker 106 has been entered in the register, Mookie Bates Accumulated 103 at the same time Adolis Garcia, Max Muncy and Juan Soto They add up to 100.

Although it did not enter the top five, Under certain racing conditions, it could be argued that Ronald Acuña Jr. is a better driver than those of his colleaguesprecisely the virtue of reacting positively with runners at third and center base.

Against that backdrop, the Braves first baseman went 0-for-8. Averaged 0.000 and only 2 RBIs; Mets 7-1, the “Polar Bears” of the league .143 and 12 sent to the register; for his part, The Astros outfielders are doing really well: 14-5 for .357 plus 11 RBIs. Dodgers utility man 7 at-bats and 6 RBIs, with 3 hits and a .429 average; in addition, Adonis’s brother He was 2-for-14 with eight RBIs and an OPS below .143; the Dodgers third baseman was 2-for-17 with .118 and last father’s ranger His scores were 5-2, -400 and 6.

However, Atlanta’s star player, with 98 RBIs, went 8-4 with his teammates on third and second, or the same, a .500 average plus 10 RBIs; That is, in that case He has more RBIs than Olson, Bates, Garcia, Muncy and Soto5 of the best 7 are among the 5 most prolific.

This is an important detail, Among other things, this reflects Ronald’s eldest son’s ability to stay focused in decisive situations of games.; Considering his high numbers in other statistics, he appears to be fully mature as a pro with the bat, glove and ball.

Reference source: Baseball Reference

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