Ronald Garth, sweet and killer with his swing elegant


Ronald Garth Shock, is one of those players nicaraguans as that was done and came out of some laboratory and preparation given to make the measurement. It is classified as a “weapon sweet” sweeten your ears when you hear the “toc” roaring when he makes contact the bat with the ball. “What a delight”, would say.

Garth has a swing that to as I said one fan: “It is one of the most elegant, sweet and terribly ‘killers’ of our baseball”.

Garth, a gunner of power:

To his 35 years and a career dotted with mostly by the satisfactions and setbacks, the coastal Ronald Garth can brag and show off with pride the emblem of being the gunner of greatest power in the history of the Professional Leagues of the new era in Nicaragua.

Garth has made travel beyond the borders of a total 53 balls, all with the label export on the forehead. This figure of insurance is going to keep them for many years around the dung national.

Professional career:

Garth has managed to dress in the uniforms of The Boer, The Lions of Lion, Tigers and also played with The East. Has played in all 15 editions of professional baseball current situation that he is recorded and called “the scariest”, desforrando balls.

Proud of:

“It is a pride to know that I am the most jonronero of the professionals, I don’t know, honestly, and I’m surprised but at the same time happy to be a part of the history”, said Garth in his time. He has rocked with its flying fences both pitchers nationals as well as foreigners.

The first incursion of the desforrador balls was on the campaign 2004-2005 with The Boer, with which he remained for 28 games and managed to paste your first thunder in this highest level of our baseball.

In that same season he ended up wearing the shirt of a Lion, but in the 14 challenges could not put into orbit another spherical. His average at that time was .246 (142-35) with 12 trailers.

Signed by the Mariners:

Precisely, for his talent, his potential and quality, have allowed him to be signed by the organization of the Seattle Mariners in 2005. It is precisely in the category of Rookie pulled three balls out of the park.

Without a doubt, Ronad Garth it has been a batsman’s strength on the baseball of Nicaragua. Member of the national team, that with your swing and stylish your personality, has written an exclusive place his name in the history of baseball in nicaragua.


By: Alfredo Gonzalez | Nicaragua

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