Ronald Gomez recalls with pride the “friendship” that he forged with Ronaldo


Ronald Gomez, former striker of the National team of Costa Rica, has in his mind’s eye those moments which came to face in different areas of the game to one of the legends of world football: Ronaldo Nazario.

The Bullet‘, best known popularly, has talked with ESPN about how important it was for him to wear the shirt of the Selection of Costa Rica, but did not let escape the chance to remember those moments when played against the brazilian star, with whom he faced on several occasions.

Ronaldo and I face, at the level of the selections, as on several occasions, as in Copa America and in the World Korea and Japan 2002. I think that’s why sonreíamos enough in that match of the World Cup because we had already met several times and also we had spoken much earlier,” commented.

“When I played with Sporting Gijon of Spain, he was in one of his best moments with Barcelona and we agree, as in two championship matches, where we also talked, we greeted each other and at the end we shared some words. It is a very good person. For me is the greatest footballer I have ever seen and it was a privilege to have known him”; he added.

For Ronald Gomez wear national colors was one of the best gifts that the football he was able to give, don’t even reached for the words to describe what I felt inside every time that intoned the national anthem of Costa Rica in a match, especially, when he participated in the Worldis Korea and Japan 2002 and Germany 2006.

“I think there is no better thing to wear the colors of your country, is the best, is the best one as a footballer can aspire. I think that you can play in any team in the world but if you don’t play with your country, it would not be the same. Sing the anthem of Costa Rica in a World does not have price because at club level you play many games, but in a World Cup is not always be so,”; said.

However, ‘The Bullet‘do not think that his participation in the World Cups with Costa Rica were not valued, on the contrary, believes that people who know football have a clear sense of how it was his job while he served as a player.

“I think people that know football it is clear the value that had my participation in the National Selection, especially in the World Cups, because few have been able to score so much as a thank you to God, I could do it. For me the most important thing was what I did in the field, that is not going to delete. I repeat, the people that know you know that my career was good, more that the majority of some that come out on television”; he pointed out.

Deportivo Saprissa: an indelible mark in the heart of Ronald Gomez

Gomez also expressed that their step-by-Deportivo Saprissa (2004-2006 and 2007-2008) is something that holds with much affection for the feats achieved with the rest of his former teammate and for the way you were treated.

“Saprissa have something special for one reason: they treated me very well in every sense and the people were very good to me, as Jorge Alarcón, Hernán Medford or Jeaustin Campos, who were the ones who were leading the team in his time. Has a part of my heart. I remember one time I injured my knee and I was low as eight months, in that time I went to another computer, but you received me not. Saprissa opened the doors and I were able to recover, them I always supported”; said.

It should be noted that Ronald Gomez he won a few national championships with the jacket purple, but also had participation in League of Champions of the CONCACAF and the Championship World Clubs Japan 2005, where it even had a chance to score.

Between those good moments playing for Deportivo Saprissa there’s an anecdote that reminds us with laughter and transcended in a match that took in the Concachampions against Monterrey of Mexico in 2005. To ‘The Bullet‘we played to make the final penalty to advance to the Final and after scoring he ran directly towards the dressing room why did he do that?

“I got the final penalty, which by the way no one wanted to throw away and I don’t actually touched me. I remembered once playing with Costa Rica face Trinidad and Tobago in a Gold Cup. It turns out that they got a golden goal and we deleted them, then ran towards the dressing room and we were left alone in the pitch suffering. That’s why I did that in Monterrey, because the environment was so hostile, and the welcome that made us, both the fans and the players themselves. But yes I got in the dressing room of us”, he said with a laugh.

Secret to a powerful remantes

His pseudonym ‘The Bullet‘it is not for any thing, but because one of the virtues that I had as a player was that, every time he hit the ball, her shots were very powerful and it is all due to that in his teens he liked them more air to the balls.

“The way of hitting the ball I think that it is something natural, is a virtue that already brought, but I agree that next to a brother-in-law of mine we were going to San Antonio de Tejar, a small town near the Juan Santamaría airport in Alajuela. We found the dual air on the ball, it was like a rubber, so that was a little bit harder and we’re working to finish off a wall, that helped me a lot to improve the power”; revealed.


A native of Puntarenas, and coming from a family of 12 brothers and sisters, ‘The Bullet‘he had some participation is important clubs in costa rican and international, such as: Brown Sports League Alajuelense, Saprissa and AD Santos de Costa Rica; Real Sporting de Gijón and Hercules FC of Spain; CSD Municipal of National League of Guatemala; O. F. I. Crete, Greece; Qadsia S. C. Kuwait; Club Irapuato of Mexico and APOEL Nicosia in Cyprus.

As a coach he has had the opportunity of leading club teams such as: the Carmelite, AD Santos, Youth Escazuceña yLimón FC of Costa Rica; Hawks FC, Xelajú MC and Deportivo Malacateco in Guatemala.