Ronaldo, a legacy is meant for a king

5 times Ballon d’Or Cristiano RonaldoApart from being a world-renowned footballer, he is at the same time one of the richest men in the world. Portuguese champion, who ended the experience Manchester United a few months ago, he arrived hereAl-Nasr, Saudi Arabia Club. But how much is the Portuguese heritage?

ronaldo, enter whirling

Before accepting the proposal presented by Sheikh Musalli al-Mu’ammarAccording to , the former Real Madrid and Juventus star was the fifth highest paid player with a net worth of $1.25 billion. forbes, The podium was conducted by the basketball player Michael Jordan (2.62 billion) and by golfer Tiger Woods (2.1 billion). But now CR7 with new £200m per season deal (or 16.6 per month, 550,000 Euro per day, 67,204 Euro per day, 2,800 Euro per hour, 46.6 Euro per minute), his wealth increased. And once the Portuguese player takes off his boots, he will receive additional income 2030 e as an image man Ambassador of Saudi Arabiais a valuable figure at both the sporting and political levels for the candidacy of The country along with Egypt and Greece in the 2030 World Cup.

Lifetime contract with Nike

For these revenues, during the career, Cristiano Ronaldo Added multiple endorsement deals. In 2016, he signed a lifetime deal with Nike, which is estimated to be worth £1 billion. There are also many franchises in the non-football sector such as Armani, PokerStars (betting site), Herbalife, Sacure Brothers, Castrol and Tag Heuerwhich brings $ 45 million a year to the “pocket” of the Portuguese. king of champions leagueIt also has its own brand (CR7), which has been used for restaurants, hotels and clothing chains.

Investment and revenue, here are CR7 businesses

Various investments were made. as well as a line of underwear “CR7 Underwear” in agreement with Yummy and a range of perfumes, with the brand Madeiran Footballer Stomp CR7 Has opened six five star luxury hotels and as many restaurants. Another passion of Cristiano Ronaldo is cars.
is the most expensive Bugatti 110 costs 8 million euros, Therefore 2 Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible (total 3.6 million euros) and 7 Ferrari GTO With a total price of 3 million euros. The most expensive items he owns include several villas, the most famous of which is La Finca’s in Madrid (7 million); A private jet (68 million euros), sneakers Swarovski Nike Air Max 97 LX Metallic Gold from 13 thousand euros; Wax statue cast in the image and likeness Madame Tussauds London (25 thousand euros) and a series of ultra-luxury watches whose total value is 1.84 million, drink at last CR7 in collaboration with HerbalifeDue to which he earns 430,000 Euros per year.

Portuguese dominates the ranking of social networks

also on social media Cristiano Ronaldo He dominates the ranking of the most influential people in the world. The Portuguese champion has nearly 600 million followers on Instagram and earns $1,605,000 per post. actors in second place Dwayne Johnson with $1,523,000; Bronze Medal for Pop Star Ariana GrandeWith $1,510,000 per publication.

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