Ronaldo feels like a pasha in Arabia, but it’s a storm for Georgina’s post

It is known that the impact that a social profile with millions of followers can have can generate crazy ad revenue. Now imagine Cristiano Ronaldo, the forerunner of Arab football now attracting the biggest European players, with an Instagram profile that has nearly 600 million followers. Today, however, it is not he who is at the center of the controversy, but his partner Georgina, the social media protagonist of the event that caused a lot of noise after the ad campaign.

Cristiano Ronaldo: the forerunner of Arab football and his CR7 brand

CR7 spoke in a recent interview about the centrality of his role and the impact each club has had since joining. There’s no denying it: when he arrived in Italy at Juventus, he single-handedly boosted the club’s and Italian football’s revenues thanks to the worldwide following of his brand. Perhaps the most difficult mission to date: to allow the world to discover Arab football, which no one thought about before the advent of CR7.

And if today Arab football wants to overcome Turkish, Dutch and European football it was thanks to him that he first forced clubs to invest endless money in buying the best players on the market. Today, the concept has changed: playing in Arabia is no longer a mirage, but a concrete reality, first of all, to get rich significantly.

Georgina, Cr7 partner at the center of social controversy

Georgina Rodriguez is a woman who, even before she started dating Cristiano Ronaldo, was already very active on social media. When a person works, exposing his life and routine on social networks, users are often very critical: and this applies to his latest advertising campaign.

Georgina already has over 50 million followers on Instagram. Therefore, given her great influence, she gave her millions of followers the opportunity to participate in a raffle in which she offered up to seven luxury bags from the best brands on the market. That is why hundreds of criticisms were made against him, some of which were merciless.

Georgina Rodriguez social media controversy prank

luxury brand Birkin he was one of the draw selections. The problem was that Jane Birkin, an Anglo-Saxon designer, singer and actress, died the same day the image was posted. And subscribers, who are always attentive to everything that happens, wanted to express their opinion. There were quite a few users who reproached the young influencer for “seizing” the moment to attract attention. Others claim that this bad taste by making such a post right now, hours after the designer’s death. Some of the criticisms were very harsh, while others were personal attacks directly on partner Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, she hasn’t deleted the post yet, far from it: she already has nearly two million “likes” on the post on Instagram, and one photo shows her wearing various luxury items from some of the top couture brands.

Ronaldo feels like a pasha in Arabia, but it's a storm for Georgina's post Source: ANSA.

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