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How we enjoy the refreshment! Be it on the show or in real life, reaching out to two people you care about after months of separation makes us very happy. First of all, one of these people Rosalia. The Spanish star played this game brilliantly, September 21, a very special reunion. And that’s what he saw when he was one of the first to join him on his adventure in the United States. No more and no less than Kylie Jenner.

The singer and entrepreneur met during Milan Fashion Week. Specifically at one of the most popular fashion shows: Prada’s spring/winter 2024 season. Rosalia took care of the most formal look: a gray chaleka, a white shirt, a pleated skirt with soles and skirts. Firstly, Kylie also followed one of the trends of the moment: an all-black and understated look with a short dress.

Keeping in mind that they are friends and one of the people who best represent fashion in the world of entertainment, let’s not forget that the organizers have this opportunity at a fashion show. Ademas, just a visit to the queen of fashion: Anna Wintour.

Confessions and laughter of friends

First of all, the cameras captured how the translator Beso and the businesswoman shared the secrets of their friends. Jenner repeatedly shows her moving in with Rosalia – will he show her his latest photos with Timothée Chalamet? they also appear when throwing items onto a small panel or returning something.

At the same fashion show, Rosalía met some of her best Hollywood friends. No more and no less than Euphoria star Hunter Schafer. Yes, a young actress – who will be in the new role? Los Juegos del Hambre– you were not sent to your friend.

Let’s be sure that Rosalia has met these two at some point. And that is why the musical star comes to the USA for a long time and will find favor with his friends.

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