Rosalia + Doja Cat + Brockhampton and more


Today we bring you the 10 music releases most relevant of the day and we begin our list with Rosalia, who shared the video I x You, You x Me, for which he received a special collaboration of Ozuna. In addition, we show you to Doja Cat, who collaborated with Tyga for the remix of Juicyand finally we bring you to BROCKHAMPTON, those who anticipate his upcoming album with the video Boy Bye. Let’s start!

1. ROSALIA + Ozuna, I x You, You x Mí

Rosalia just premiered the video I x You, You x Mí, a project for which he received the collaboration of Ozuna. The clip, which was directed by RJ Sanchez and Pasqual Gutierrez, carries a rhythm urban, and reggaetonero. In it, the singer appears recording a video when you receive a call from the puerto rican musician.

2. Doja Cat + Tyga, Juicy

The rapper Doja Cat, who in march of this year, shared his clip Juicylaunched a remix along to the artist Tygain a provocative video where you can see the artist of 23 years of age playing around with the images fruit. The simple part of your disk Amala, which launched in 2018.


The grouping of hip-hop american Brockhampton shared today its latest video entitled Boy Byea clip directed by Spencer Ford promoting his next studio album Ginger. This will be the fifth album of the band that released the album the next Friday, 23 August.

4. Lolo Zouaï, Caffeine

Caffeine it is the most recent video of the French artist Lolo Zouaï, and was directed by Nathalie Canguilhem. The song is part of his album High Highs to Low Lows — in homage to his musical influences, in particular to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The colorful video is about the love addiction can be just as potent as caffeine.

5. Pro Teens, Twos

Pro Teensthe band american formed by Andy Phipps (guitarist), Matthew Tanner (drummer), Kalebh Ryals (guitarist) and Zack Parker (bassist), released Twoshis next his studio album that will be shared tomorrow Friday, 16 August and will feature 12 tracks, but today, we can listen to in advance.

6. Two Door Cinema Club, Eleven

Eleven it is the most recent video of the band Two Door Cinema Club, which belongs to the album of study of the grouping irish entitled False Alarm. The clip shows the dream of being famous through puppetry, circus, in a kind of creepy.

7. Alex Cameron, Far From Born Again

After having premiered the simple Miami Memory and Divorcethe singer australian Alex Cameron continues promoting his upcoming album Miami Memoryto the which premiered Far From Born Againa clip directed by Ashley Connorthat you want to de-stigmatize sex workers. In the video you appreciate three sex workers talking about their experiences interspersed with images of Cameron in a club.

8. M. T. Hadley, Rattle

After achieving success with its simple Janetand after having collaborated with Nilüfer Yanya and Tobias Jesso Jrthe artist M. T. Hadley premiered Rafflea track melancholy in where you can see Hadley singing to a newborn baby about the world’s problems and the misery that the future holds.

9. Bea Miller, feel something

The singer Bea Miller he speaks about the pain and about the experiences that help us to overcome it in his new track titled Feel Something. Miller took advantage of this launch to announce their musical tour in the united States.

10. Boris, LOVE

The japanese band metal experimental Boris he premiered the video Lovedirected by Rkp & Fangsanalsatan, with which to promote his next record titled LφVE & EVφL. In the clip, seven minutes can be seen in the grouping employing some of the musical arrangements more diverse since its formation in 1992, as the tonality heavy of the song goes changing along with the colors of the video as this progresses.

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