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Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Celine Dion, Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bündchen, Katy Perry, Naomi Campbell… and Rosalia. The singer from barcelona is already part of this long list of actresses, singers and models to become the protagonist of the new cover of the magazine Elle in his most important issue, that of the united States.

The young, 26-year-old, poses as an image of the summer edition (which includes the numbers from July and August) and she has wanted to express his joy with a genuine message in his profile of Instagram: “Woooow, what a great honor, I am the cover of Elle USA of this rare summer of 2020, but that iluuuuu”, he wrote, in Spanish and in English.

The magazine has two versions of the cover, both photographed by Zoey Grossman, who has also portrayed Dua Lipa, Hailey Baldwin, Irina Shayk and Gwyneth Paltrow for different headers. Both covers are titled “Rosalia [habla] about the healing power of music”. In the first and you will come to the kiosks, appears dressed in red, with a bodice of tulle and a rain jacket transparent, as well as its long and features painted fingernails in silver tone. In the second cover, the singer appears surrounded by flowers and dressed with a plumífero white with embossed roses.

“A few days before the world stopped in march, Elle stayed with Rosalia for our summer issue,” explains the magazine in its profile of Instagram. “Rosalia, we had planned to return to his home in Spain, he ended up isolated, alone in Miami. ‘It is always hard to be away from your family, in another country, and more in moments like these’, account. ‘But given the situation, I am fortunate to have good friends here in Miami who can’t support me. I am someone who is always involved in a lot of projects and travel for all parties. What has changed for me is the fact of realizing that, from one day to another, things can fail to occur. It is as if the world had stopped”.

In the various photographs of the magazine, Rosalía wears different styles of clothing and accessories of big brands such as Moncler, Cartier, Burberry, Bulgari, Balmain, and also of Collina Strada, Area, or Christopher John Rogers. In addition, the issue includes a long interview with the singer, entitled “Rosalía rewrites the manual of pop music”. In it, the singer talks about the isolation, the music, your family, or your career. For the publication, is “an emblem of its time.” “Maybe because of how it has come out of nowhere, fully formed, as a rising star of the pop. Maybe because of the way in which his music and his style fused cultures and traditions, making reference to different art forms and putting before the mirror of our lives are interconnected. Or perhaps by its seriousness and discipline, their intense training, his burning passion.”

In addition to interview, the journalist accompanies her during some of their activities, and certifies “what sincerely nice that is with all around,” and implied that is all the tasks that involve their activities, from warming up the voice to see the light. In fact, the popular view about the artists is usually wrong. “People may think that it is a life of tralalá”, account, graphically, “but the opposite is true: I am all the time in the studio, working hard. It is a matter of discipline, worrying about your vision and be faithful to her.” In addition, the interview also addressed the controversy over the cultural appropriation that struck the singer in the beginning. It minimizes and says that she only merges cultures, and that the criticisms do not hurt.

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Despite dropping a new song at the height of the pandemic, @rosalia.vt understands the importance of downtime right now. “I’m making progress on my music, but notwithstanding, I wanted to remark on something that seems to be happening to a lot of people, myself included,” she says. “There’s this kind of pressure to be creative or busy most of the time, with lots of activities and progress, and I’m trying to run from that. I’m trying to do things that help keep me mentally healthy, and if that includes making music, then great. But I won’t lie—there are days when I just watch a show and eat a packet of cookies.” Link in bio for the full cover story.⁣ ⁣ ELLE June/July 2020:⁣ Editor-in-Chief: @ninagarcia⁣ Cover star: @rosalia.vt⁣ Written by: @carina_chocano Photographer: @zoeygrossman⁣ Stylist: @natasharoyt⁣ Hair: @panosphair ⁣ Makeup: @romyglow⁣ Nails: @yvett_g⁣ Production: Michelle Hynek at Crawford & Co Productions⁣ Prop styling: Ali Gallagher at Jones Mgmt.

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“There is that pressure to be creative or to be busy most of the time, with thousands of activities, that there is progress, and I’m trying to run away from it. I’m trying to do things that keep me mentally healthy, and if that includes making music, perfect. But I’m not going to lie, there are days that I just want to see a series, and eat a package of crackers,” says the singer.

Another of the issues they deal with is the performance of Rosalia on the Grammy awards earlier this year. “It was something very big for me. All my life I’ve seen the artists they admire most acting on that stage, do you know? And suddenly I find myself singing and flamenco dancing a small streak… I felt so grateful, I swear. So dear. I cried in the car on the way to each essay. I could not believe what was happening to me”.

As in the images of the magazine, in the interview nor is it overlooked by the nails of the singer, who for the occasion takes long and pointed. “For years I have been passionate about the art of the manicure and my nails constantly, with different artists of the world”, he explains. “Whenever I travel I want to see how people in different places. It is an ephemeral art, but an art. Small works of art in miniature”.

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