Rosalia – I Dies Ippodromo Sny (MI) June 23, 2023

The second date of the I-Days Coca-Cola festival is the world famous Spanish pop star Rosalia. Many Yani fans were present from the early hours of the afternoon and many beautiful variations gathered to watch his “motomami”.

The sweltering heat of Friday afternoon did not discourage the crowd of fans who came from all over Italy, but also from several Hispanic countries, especially given Rosalia’s origins and Milan’s internationality. This is the second time I’ve attended one of his concerts, but Every once in a while you have to admit it’s a really cool show to watch people dressed in, As if it were a pre-start to the actual show.

looking forward to rosalia round 1

as the crowd approaches drink To battle the Milanese midday heat, while others enjoy the various activities and delicacies of the I-Days stand, the first singer of the evening takes the stage: clara, This new artistic discovery of Varèse, born in 1999, has also become famous because of his participation in the famous series “Mare fuori”. With 4 of her best-known songs composed post-pandemic, it pleases the ears of the already deployed and gets everyone ready for Rosalia.

Then it’s Yndry’s turn, Singer with dual Dominican and Italian citizenship, Always on the Latin pop and R&B genre, her participation in the sixth edition of The X Factor Italia and J. Known for his collaborations with artists such as Balvin, Damian Marley, Mozart La Parra. Her song has a flow that includes fans who are already there, but soon two other famous artists will join her on stage: Amici’s dancer Giulia Stabile who gives him the stachetto, and Gaia who sings the famous song “Chega”.,

A very beautiful moment to share ideas and art, as if Yendree has opened the doors of his home for us and made us feel at home.

“Sorry guys, I just wanted to take advantage of this song to remember that being different and a little weird is beautiful. Above all, for people of dual nationality like me, we never stop thanking our parents and their sacrifices! He did a lot to get the best out of us. But most of all, given that Pride is being celebrated in Milan this weekend, I wanted to take a stand and say that to me love is love, okay?


rosalia round 2

after warm up (as if it’s cold ed) DJ sets accompany Radio 105’s “Mamasita” program, the third guest of the evening arrives: Tinashe is an American singer, dancer, and actress, a former member of the girlband, “The Stunners”., She is accompanied by a forest of really good dancers who never miss a step despite the heat.

Tinashe, photo IG official page

After listening to some of her songs from her recent album “333”, Tinashe demonstrated very precise tempo and singing command. A sort of Mariah Carey of R&B with a very “cool” style in ragged overalls and shiny microphones and observer-catching cat eyes. Although the fans in attendance probably knew him little, his energy was always alive and reaching some.

It’s Rosalia time!

The wait for Rosalia’s supporting cast to end gets a little endless ,Might we as well start at a more appropriate time for the Spanish singer? or maybe because of the heat, ed, However, after a full hour and ten minutes, a landscape of raised platforms and black cubes appears on the stage, and those who’ve already seen Rosalia know what that means: The show is about to begin. !

Rosalia – I Days IG Official Page

The song ends with the rumble of motorcycles, with an introduction from a baby metal playlist. The corps de ballet appears on stage with lighted helmets with the emblem of Motomami’s famous 2021 album. The corps de ballet leans more and more until they bust open Rosalia appears: the queen of the evening with a helmet with wings and a heart,

Let’s start with the famous song “Saoko” which starts the album “Motomami” (Whose review were we talking about here) and there is none left for anyone. The Spanish-Japanese rhythm of “Bizcochito” accompanies Rosalia’s classic movements that are now branded under her name on social media: I’m talking classic chewing motion as if he has a butt in his mouth, and looking back at his hands, It sounds absurd to describe, but to see it is insane.

Following The Weeknd’s idiom “la fama”, he wears his dark glasses and drinks water in them. transparent milk brick shaped bottle, It is also a symbol of his music festivals. “Fame – black sunglasses and you burn milk like water

“Thank you Milan, I am glad to be back for the second time. I have a job that allows me to travel and do what I love, it’s really amazing. Thank you! You see some amazing billboards here, I dedicate these songs to Francesca who now follows me in various concerts.


after hit songs It comes Rosalia’s magical mix of flamenco moments with “De Aqui No Sales” and “Bulerías” is where emerges an artist who leaves no doubt about her singing ability. Rosalia plays with her corps de ballet, with the cubes, with the scenery and with her costume, One really has to see it live to understand it.

The moment all Rosalia fans have been waiting for

Anyone who has attended Rosalia’s concerts knows this. On performing “La Noche de Anoche”, a collaboration with Bad Bunny He recovers with the video, walks off the stage to the front row, hugs and thanks the attendees, and asks them to sing part of the song together., what a feeling! From here he steals a flag from the attendees to take to the stage: it is the pride flag that he proudly carries!

Rosalia – Photo I Days Official IG Page

Each song is a heart attack, and is sure to tug at everyone’s heart. Children, boys and girls of all ages and genders. Crowd goes wild with “Despecha” and 2023’s new song “LLLM”: begins a song at the top of his voice, and snow-capped mountains appear in the background as if the echo of our voices is about to reach there

Then it’s time for one of the most famous songs ,As if they weren’t already famous Ed) in collaboration with “The Weeknd”, or “Blinding Lights”. His performance is dark, unsettling, with an almost operatic tonality. Rosalia is the most versatile human being we have ever known.

“Wait. Here I read a word, you give me the churros! Do you really have them? I can’t believe this would send them to me! (he tastes them) …guys, I can’t believe they’re that good, they’re the kind of food I love to eat when I come back from the disco. a thousand thanks!”



The piano comes on stage, and is accompanied by a performance of the song “Hentai”, albeit initially troubled by the sugar from the churros left between his fingers Eh!. Sing slowly, slowly, and then start with the rhythm. The skill to interpret different roles and genres is one of his main characteristics. The crowd no longer jumps back with joy and shouts at him”you are beautiful“In Chorus.

Like any self-respecting concert, the human motorcade generated by its corps de ballet arrives: it is the time of “Motomami”, and also of Rosalia who is stationed on it. Amazing view! But just in case we thought we’ve seen the best yet, here comes the ball arrangement with “La Combi Versace.” Here she starts singing lying down without playing any note and first raises her leg and then her body. This is one of those pieces that incorporates more of Rosalia’s styles into one.

Rosalia & Cor de Ballet – I Days IG Official Page
Towards the end but with height!

In the middle of the song, Rosalia wets her hair (also this action that he always does at every concert, ed) for the song “Con Altura”, a collaboration with J Balvin. But the real novelty of the year and the concert were the two songs “Vampiros” and “Beso”, sung in a duet with her partner Rau Alejandro. His video clip became the talk of everyone after he revealed his partner’s promise of marriage. A song that brings together these three years of the couple’s relationship.

But the feelings did not end here. The audio message sent by his grandfather plays repeat before dying important concept of family, and make sure she was okay, this is where a beautiful beginning begins Cover of “Hero” by Enrique IglesiasAbsolutely dedicated to the family. All cell phones have flashlights lit, and she climbs on a cube to get closer to the sky and sing for her grandfather. it’s a very emotional moment,

The hat-trick that kicks off this truly insane show with the famous songs “Malamante”, “Chicken Teriyaki” and “Cuyute” makes us look forward to hearing it just a little more. But the evening of this time ends here.

We look forward to seeing you again Rosalia!

Here is the lineup of Rosalia in Milan on June 23, 2023:

  1. saoko
  2. bizcochito
  3. Popularity
  4. De Aqui No Sales – Bullerias
  5. la noche de anoche
  6. Linda
  7. Diablo
  8. despecha
  9. lilium
  10. glare light
  11. hentai
  12. candy
  13. MOTOMI
  14. versace combi
  15. with height
  16. Beso – New Love Song
  17. vampire
  18. Hero – Enrique Iglesias Cover
  19. badly
  20. Chicken Teriyaki
  21. Cuuuuute

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Francesca Bandieri

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