Rosamund Pike blames herself for the failure of ‘DOOM’

Rosamund pike has been sincere regarding what she thinks you fail and it did not work in Doom, the film adaptation of the id Software video game in which he participated in 2005. The production, which featured actors such as Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson, grossed just $ 58 million at the box office, and despite efforts by Andrzej Bartkowiak for granting him a look game, no one was happy with the tape. Now, years later, the actress explains what she thinks did not fit in that production and intones the mea culpa some of the film’s multiple mistakes.

Pike thinks he did not understand the importance of the video game saga

Pike embodies Samantha grimm, the sister of the film’s protagonist, John Grimm (played by Karl Urban), a scientist who adds some light to what is happening in the distant facility of Mars in which the story is set. Now, while promoting his upcoming Amazon series, The wheel of time, the actress confessed to Collider and was asked about the failure of Doom, confirming that she still feels “embarrassed” by how bad it all went. “I feel partly guilty in that sense because I think I failed only out of ignorance, I sinned innocence when it came to understanding what Doom meant to fans at the time “, he argues.

“I wasn’t a player, I didn’t know how important the series was. I was ignorant”

“Me she was not a gambler. I didn’t understand what we were doing. If I had known what I knew now, I would have immersed myself in all of that and fully understood the project as I do now. And simply I did not understand. I feel ashamed, really. And he was ignorant, because he could have found out more on the internet, but it wasn’t a place like it is now. He couldn’t have chatted with fans like now. Curiously, I have in these moments true fans of the video game as friends, I wish I had met them before, “he concludes.

Dwayne Johnson DOOM

Rosamund Pike’s career has grown in recent years. From his role in Die another day to Doom, Rosamund Pike touched the stars with Lost, David Fincher’s film for which he won a deserved Oscar nomination. In the last few months he has released I care a lot, which earned him a Golden Globe. The wheel of time from Amazon will be released on November 19.

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