Roshelle returns to the scene with “In the den of the monster”


Roshelle, photo of Kali Yuga

After a period away from the music scene, Roshelle is ready to make her comeback with a new single that defines a new artistic trajectory. The title is In the monster’s lair and will be released this Friday, March 10 via Island Records/Universal Music.

In this piece, produced by Alessandro Gemelli, the Milanese singer-songwriter shows a totally renewed imagination. The result of a process of self-discovery in search of a new awareness. A 360-degree change, which not only includes the music, but the entire language – also aesthetic – through which Roshelle wants to tell her story.

«In the monster’s lair it’s the first song where I explore darker sounds», says Roshelle about the song. “This is the song that started a new series of deeper creations. It talks about a dark period, about what I have become over time, away from the spotlight and the holidays. A dark phase in which love affairs were obsessive and my inability to govern emotions marked me».

“I was unhappy with myself and it was this song that made me realize that as I wrote it and listened to it. This song marks the beginning of a new era, a metamorphosis. I’ve been asking myself questions about myself, about what I’m capable of creating and about what surrounds me. Sometimes all this scares me but I realized that entering the monster’s lair is the only way to find the answers I’m looking for», he concludes.

The single comes in conjunction with Roshelle’s new television experience. In fact, together with Wad and Capo Plaza, he is part of the jury of The Rap Game Italia. The new docu talent available on RaiPlay in which six guys who want to make it as rappers face various challenges to get a production signed by AVA.

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