Rossosperanza (2023) by Annarita Zambrano

Annarita Zambrano’s second feature film, Rossosperanza, is a psychedelic work that weaves between fantasy and reality, shocking images and noir explosions to explore the eternal conflict between parents and children. The atypical and fascinating film was presented in competition at the 76th Locarno Film Festival and will appear in cinemas on August 24.

Unsettling psychedelic noir

There is no narrative intent, but a sequence of pictures that, like a puzzle, fit into one story, mixing fantasy and reality, against the backdrop of a respectable and wealthy society, photographed in the early nineties. Movie, Rossosperanza Annarita Zambrano, who responds to various interpretations: from the social interpretation of troubled and lost youth to the condemnation of families hiding troubled children, from the political-religious interpretation of a corrupt and clientelistic world to photography from times of rampant drug use. The film will appear in Italian cinemas on August 24.

Puzzles of a troubled world

Rossosperanza, Leonardo Giuliani in a scene from the film
Rossosperanza, Leonardo Giuliani in a scene from the film

In this flash narrative, the viewer is caught in a continuous temporal shift between memories and references to the future. And this is probably what Rossosperanza always keeps your attention. The question arises whether the scene you are witnessing is true, even if it is a cinematic fiction, or whether it is dreamed up by the same characters who bring to life the anachronistic Villa Bianca, a luxurious mental hospital. With the help of this human material, the director seems to create situations that gradually refer to the experiences of each of the characters. Situations that intersect with each other lay the basis for the story of the relationships between the same kids, no longer teenagers, but not yet adult men and women. And in this context, violence typical of noir is almost always present.

A generational conflict that explodes

Rossosperanza, Elia Nuzzolo, Margherita Morellini, Daniela Marra and Andrea Sartoretti in a scene from the film
Rossosperanza, Elia Nuzzolo, Margherita Morellini, Daniela Marra and Andrea Sartoretti in a scene from the film

It is a microcosm, slightly out of time, into which figures from the outside occasionally burst in, acting as a kind of detonator for new outbursts of violence. Upon closer examination, the director in his own way narrates the eternal conflict between parents and children: a contrast in which, despite everything that happens in the film, the losers are the parents who do not fulfill their responsibilities, ignoring the intrusions of adults into the world of adolescence, who strive hide the weaknesses of their children, continuing, as if nothing had happened, their false and respectable existence.

This interpretation is partially confirmed by the director herself in her second feature film. “Violence”says Zambrano, “It was like a cancer in our privileged bowels, feeding on the strength of our fathers, devouring the nation. Now everything seems more comical than tragic. Rossosperantsa is black like our souls and red like the blood that washed away our sins.”.

Where is the hope?

Rossosperanza, Luca Varone in a scene from the film
Rossosperanza, Luca Varone in a scene from the film

The hope mentioned in the title, however, at the end of watching this film that defines itself as a “black comedy”, you don’t know where to look for it. Work that will not go unnoticed. Rossosperanzastarring Margherita Morellini, Leonardo Giuliani, Ludovica Rubino, Luca Varone, Elia Nuzzo, as well as Andrea Sartoretti, Daniela Marra, Antonio Zavatteri, with the participation of Rolando Ravello.

Annarita Zambrano was born in Rome, lives in Paris and has directed numerous short films selected at the Berlinale, Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. In 2013 he directed the films Rai and Ciné+. Soul of the Leopard, which reimagined Luchino Visconti’s masterpiece from a political perspective. Zambrano’s first feature film. After the warThe premiere of the film “Un Certain Regard” took place in Cannes in 2018.

Movie Rossosperanza he is fighting to win the Golden Leopard at 76 years old.or The Locarno Film Festival is already in full swing.


Rossosperanza, Annarita Zambrano film poster



Original name: Rossosperanza
Direction: Annarita Zambrano
Country/year: France, Italy / 2023
Duration: 87′
Type: Dramatic
Throw: Andrea Sartoretti, Antonio Zavatteri, Eliana Miglio, Daniela Marra, Rolando Ravello, Simone Pezzotti, Elia Nuzzolo, Leonardo Giuliani, Luca Varone, Ludovica Rubino, Margherita Morellini
Film script: Annarita Zambrano
Photo: Laurent Brunet
Assembly: Cecilia Zanuso, Isabella Guglielmi
Music: Vincenzo Fonicello
Director: Gianluca Curti, Maria Carolina Terzi, Alice Bloch-Robin, Luciano Stella, Lorenza Stella, Milena Poilo, Santo Versace, Gilles Sacuto, Carlo Stella
Production house: Minerva Pictures, TS Productions, Mad Entertainment
Distribution: Fandango

Release date: 08/24/2023


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