Rubicon Fire 100%

Learn how to complete one of the story missions in Armored Core 6: Fire of the Rubicon – Assault on the Ancient Spaceport. Support for V.IV Rust in multi-line assault missions.

attack on old spaceport It is one of the story missions in Armored Core 6: Fires of the Rubicon.As part of our guide, we’ll help you complete the whole event to 100%. Leaders of Vespers have organized a joint attack on multiple ACP bases and need your support.

Rewards and Collectibles

  • Collection:
  • award: COAM x320,000 + bonus for destroying enemies.

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Assault on the Old Spaceport: How It Was Done

let’s go together torchas’ mission.Once started, go to 90 on the compass, destroy all enemies on your way.When you climb the ledge, you’ll see ships in the background and, on your right, a large hangar. Next to him you can find Silver #10.

Be careful because it’s one of those CL with shield This can make you feel very scared. If you manage to attack from above, Mockingels will beat him.Afterwards, destroy three ships and return, with another lone ship reaching the mark. With a good dash, you’ll be able to slash the charged sword onto the bridge and dismantle it instantly.Now go to the area of ​​the last target, but go to towards the bow (the area closest to where you started the quest).you will see some Barrels of gasoline Spherical along with other cylindrical shapes. Ah, you’ll find silver #11 and #12.

once you destroy all ships, the objective will mark where the Sherpas are carrying supplies.catch them and destroy The AC that will mark your ACP on the platform at the top of the base.then they will appear two more ships. Not that they pose a threat, run to the deck and destroy the command bridge with one blow of your sword.When you destroy them, you will see a order and rust will join you.

the only thing left is Charge two AC ACP Elite, backed by V.IV Oxide, it’s going to be a walk…but watch out for the scare at the end. Don’t try to attack when “it” comes, just move.

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