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Learn how to complete “Prisoner Rescue”, one of the story missions in Armored Core 6: Rubicon Fire. FLR wants us to support the flight of certain aircraft.

rescue prisoner It is one of the story missions in Armored Core 6: Fires of the Rubicon.As part of our guide, we’ll help you complete the whole event to 100%. The Liberation Front asked us to provide temporary support to prevent some transport helicopters from being shot down.

Rewards and Collectibles

  • Collection: Platinum #10.
  • award: COAM x250,000.

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Prisoner Rescue: How It’s Done

task start reach the goal quickly, and remove all TMs along the way.remember you can See where you are on the compass, which is the red dot in the bar at the bottom of the screen.When the helicopter approaches, you flag two threats medium distance.yes MT transport helicopterShoot the robots out of the air to destroy them before they hit the ground.

Repeat the process for the second region, but after the transport helicopter Who brought TM, hurry up go to the third point Land before they tell you.The reason is that there are two artillery batteries The ones that can’t be destroyed head-on, so it will take time to surround and eliminate them before the FLR helicopters arrive.then there will be some air defense and MTalso transport helicopter Which leads to more conclusions: that, go ahead.

Be very careful because when are you going to finishon the takeoff path of the helicopter, Appear Platinum #10one of the members of the Red Gun, accompanied by Support for translation memory. Quickly kill the AC while keeping an eye on the TM and you’re done.

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