rumor! Here’s Chris Paul’s possible role with Warriors (+ details)

One of the additions that generated a lot of controversy this offseason was the addition of Chris Paul to the Golden State Warriors, a team that looked to be the player’s biggest competition and will now be part of the organization he will play in There looking to win his first Championship title..

Although the team has been criticized for signing this player, his arrival does not seem to be so negative as everything indicates that he will play a very important role in the team and will be the most experienced figure, which will Contribute to the development of the team. The talent of the San Francisco team.

According to multiple rumors, Paul will become the Warriors’ starter next season, which will allow Stephen Curry to fulfill the duties of the second position and have more options to use his offensive ability without the need to create offensive opportunities. .

Although it is only a possibility at the moment, it is not a bad thing for the team led by Steve Kerr, because there are two experienced players on the field who can cause a lot of trouble to the opponent, but the disadvantage is height. And a lack of defense. What this team will look like with Curry and Paul on the floor.

Maybe this is a test for the team’s technical director to see if the starting lineup of Paul, Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green can make a positive impact, otherwise Paul will come off the bench and Kevin Looney Will return as the main force. The starting center of the organization.

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