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Rumor: Sony is preparing the battle of Blade and Morbius

Currently, Sony is the copyright holder for the adaptation of comics about many Marvel characters, because the cinematic universe of Marvel Studios itself is still somewhat truncated. In particular, Marvel itself has the rights to Blade, who will be played in the MCU by Marshall Ali and who is one of the world’s most famous vampire hunters. While Sony owns the rights to the “living vampire” Morbius, played by Jared Leto.

According to Geekosity in the future, Sony is very keen to leverage Blade’s return to the big screens. In the comics, Morbius and Blade often confronted each other, so there is nothing surprising in this decision. Sony itself seems to want to do something similar to what Marvel did with Spider-Man – to lend Blade to their universe for just one crossover film that will not influence the events of the Marvel world in any way. It is curious whether the parties will be able to agree.

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