Rumors from the Globe #8 – What happens on Taylor Swift and Ultimo tour while Selena Gomez falls in love

Here are three news stories you (probably) missed seeing this week.
Obviously, all are in the music field.
lets start!

#1 Taylor Swift forgets her song lyrics

these will be the datesEras Tour There are many and repeating an infinite series of songs every night strains anyone, but it’s always fun when something like this happens, above all, if the star hero of the mistake accepts it with great class. .
stay here during your tour Kansas City, Taylor Swift She forgot, at times, the words of “last Kiss” leaving his fans confused and surprised.
fortunately Swifties They were very understanding and after the singer apologized, they all helped her sing.

#2 Ultimo and his “Never Fear”

at the end of last week, Last They performed at the stadium for three consecutive nights, with a short break between the second and third dates. Olympic Of Rome.
In addition to repeating some of his greatest hits, the young Roman singer has decided to welcome his hometown with an unreleased song titled “Poura Mai”.

The song was performed only and only in front of the Olimpico audience and currently, apart from the video of the performance, we have no other information about the song.

#3 Love in the Kitchen for Selena Gomez

According to some rumors that have arisen on the web in recent days, thanks in particular to the page instagram deux moi The user who shares the gossip posted online is Selena Gomez dating him. Jeremy Allen Whitecurrent protagonist of the series fx extension ,BearEstablished in the world of cooking.
The two should have met during a photoshoot Vanity Fair And they’ve been dating ever since.
Interesting story especially for the recent passionate past of both.
Actually, White has recently separated from his wife Addison TimlinThere’s also an actress, and it all happened before the guilty meeting, it’s Selena who gets everyone talking a little.
In fact, Gomez seemed to be engaged in a flirtation with his ex-girlfriend one direction zayn malik Which according to gossip, sold out immediately right after the Vanity Fair photo shoot.
he “former hero ofwizards of waverlyIs it cooked to perfection?

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