Russell Crowe’s $76M horror film is now a creepy hit on Netflix

The Exorcist of the Pope, starring Russell Crowe, is now a Netflix hit, reaching number three on the world’s most watched chart with 6 million streams. Despite stiff competition at the box office, The Exorcist Pope grossed $76 million worldwide, which is respectable for a non-blockbuster horror film. Available on Netflix, The Exorcist of the Pope reaches a wider audience and achieves significant success on the streaming platform.

The movie “The Exorcist of the Pope” became a hit on Netflix. The Pope’s Exorcist, starring Russell Crowe, is a 2023 horror film based on the real life of Vatican exorcist priest Gabriele Amorta, who uncovers a Vatican conspiracy while investigating a childhood possession case. Directed by Julius Avery, the film also stars Daniel Zovatto, Alex Esso and Franco Nero alongside Crowe.

Now, The Exorcist of the Pope has topped the Netflix chart. The film is in third place on the world’s most watched chart on Netflix with 6 million streams. The Exorcist Pope takes first place behind the Netflix original action movie Heart of Stone and the animated original film The Monkey King in second place.

The Exorcist of the Pope was released in April 2023 to moderate success. During its run, the film grossed $76 million, compared to an estimated budget of $20 million. For a non-blockbuster horror film directed by a relatively unknown director, The Exorcist Pope’s overall earnings were adequate, although the studio may not have hoped for such a big box office success.

At the time of its release, The Exorcist of the Pope had many competitors. The first half of April also saw the release of Ben Affleck’s true-life drama Air and Super Mario Bros, which is currently the most successful film of 2023. Nicolas Cage’s Dracula Renfield was released in April, giving The Exorcist Devil Pope” more competition in the horror genre, albeit with a more comedic film.

Thanks to its availability on Netflix, viewers who opted to watch The Super Mario Bros Movie during the first screenings of The Exorcist Daddy now have the opportunity to watch it at home. With increased accessibility, the film reaches a wider audience. It’s impressive that The Exorcist of the Pope has ranked so high in the world’s most watched movies on Netflix, despite moderate success in theaters.

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