Ryan Gosling: “And Then I Dropped My Pants”

This article was published in Vanity Fair issue 19 on May 18, 2016 And we’re bringing it back today to revisit the changes that have been Vanity’s protagonists over the past 20 years. All articles we are republishing here

ryan He is standing at the door of the room. She has a high center of gravity and slender dancer’s legs. The Shiny Tuft is neat and will look like Ryan’s hardcover except it smells neat. but no it is Ryan Gosling, the truthful one. He offers me water, coffee, soft drinks. No thanks, I will. He points to an apple from a bowl prominently displayed on the coffee table. Maybe later, I say, when we’re done, I’ll have it for breakfast. He looks more closely at the apples, then at me with a puzzled expression, part of the repertoire of expressions (eyes up, eyes down, cynical half-smiles) that he uses in cinema. “Wait. Are you sure you want it? It must have been here because I don’t know when.”

Ryan Gosling, you got it, is a prankster, one of those who, when confronted with a reporter, used to do somersaults to waste time. Often he asks questions to switch roles, anything to divert attention from Ryan Gosling to “what the world is allowed to know about Ryan Gosling.” This is a technique used by many self-styled characters who, however, don’t want to appear inconsistent. In short, he sounds weird but he’s an old fox: 35 years of life, of which more than twenty in the world of entertainment, debuted in mickey mouse club Has history with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Today, he may not be the kind of Hollywood star that even your aunts in the house know about, but he is extremely popular on social media. A passive popularity, sort of given. He Doesn’t Post, He Doesn’t Instagram, Still He’s A Favorite Sex Symbol Even Though He’s Been With Actresses Eva Mendesmother of his daughter esmeralda (20 months) and now expecting second child. I know
Many women, some beautiful and even famous, who would not hesitate to tear me to pieces if I were to be in my place opposite Ryan Gosling today.

For example, in cinema he has done some negligible films and some great films. To drive And The Big Short – The Big Bet, An impromptu film (yes, I’m talking to you guys) is coming to Ryan fans, and to the rest of the world as well, first at the Cannes Film Festival and in theaters starting June 1st. title is good peopleDirected by Shane Black, screenwriter of 1980s successes such as the Lethal Weapon trilogy and director of modern-day blockbusters such as iron Man 3, good people The title stars Gosling and Russell Crowe, two private investigators in very bad shape.

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Expect shootings and withering jokes, black humor and 70s costumes, great photography, in short, an action comedy but with style and brains. There’s a bet it’ll become a cult following and spawn at least one sequel soon.

The film is very funny, congratulations. You must have enjoyed it too, right?
«I grew up obsessed with Mel Brooks and Peter Sellers films, but this type of comedy didn’t occur to me when I started making films, so I couldn’t wait to do something like this. To prepare for the scene where I’m surprised by Russell while I’m sitting on the toilet, I arrived on set an hour early.”

“In that scene, my pants are around my ankles, I’m reading the newspaper, smoking a cigarette, trying to get the gun out, meanwhile the door opens and closes, the mess. The absurd thing is, when I was doing my test alone inside the toilet, I heard footsteps, I froze with shame and realized it was actually Russell outside. He also came early on the set to try to lock and open the door».

How much hard work is required for a scene in the toilet.
“Physical comedy is one of the most difficult things. Everything has to be prepared to the millimetre, almost choreographed, otherwise perfect timing is lost, and timing is everything».

The film is set in 1970s Los Angeles. Would you like to live in that decade?
«The thirtieth or fortieth is more attractive. But I think I would like to go back to the eighties».

or in childhood?
«Yes, nostalgia is my idea».

She is a big fan of Disneyland. What are your favorite attractions?
“What a difficult question… First tell yours.”

I think the carousel with cups is unbeatable. Have you ever taken your daughter there?
“It’s still too young.”

What did becoming a father mean to you?
“Best thing that ever happened to me. It makes me feel like a lucky person, and our little girl is an angel.”

He is a genius with children. i saw it in the documentary My Life directed by NWF, by Nicolas Winding Refn’s wife. Between one meeting and the next, we see him playing with his daughters, keeping them entertained.
«That documentary explains very well what happens when you make a film. each one
Among us – directors, actors, technicians – he is never really alone, he has his own support system, especially if he is shooting away from home. And this emotional support system is completely part of the movie experience.”

His support system is Eva Mendes. Thinking of getting married?
At this point, a press officer who had quietly listened to the entire conversation, hidden by the green wallpaper to such an extent that I did not notice his presence, intervenes in a hushed voice: “We do not answer personal questions. Let’s give.” Ryan nods and then out of embarrassment asks me if I’m married. I answer her and do not insist on Eva, the press officer starts to calm down.

Lost River, his first film as a director, was critically panned. give up or try again?
« I am developing several projects, one of which is Busby Berkeley (legendary choreo-
Graphs from the 1930s-40s, ed.)».

A musical, then?
« Yes, after doing the film, I had a great desire for music. La la Land With Emma Stone, which should be released this summer.

Meanwhile, the Blade Runner remake will debut in July.
“The idea of ​​Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford getting me excited to work with them. Even if they had asked me to be the house painter on the sets, I would have accepted.”

Have you ever thought of doing something else in life apart from being an actor?
“When I was a kid, my Uncle Perry impersonated Elvis Presley. He didn’t look like him: He was bald, with a mustache and a birthmark on his face. But when he got into character, he became Elvis. He came to live with us and put my sister and me in his shows, my uncle worked as his bodyguard, my aunts worked as backup singers.Suddenly in our house you breathe-
There’s a new, exciting energy. When, six months later, Uncle Perry decided to step down,
My heart broke. No show to prepare, no applause, and I was back in the school rut, knowing that since my whole family worked at a local paper mill, I’d be there too. At that point, I decided that I wanted to be like Uncle Perry when I grew up. Not an imitation of Elvis, but something like that, on a stage, to rediscover the joy that he brought us at home».

Are you satisfied with how things went?
“Honestly, I still can’t believe it turned out so well. I never dreamed of reaching this level. Or maybe I dreamed about it but thought it wouldn’t be possible. Ho Maybe I grew up in Canada, it had something to do with it. Cinema was a distant reality, the only Canadian director of international fame was David Cronenberg and I wasn’t getting enough
Nice to know about his films».

Interview is over. I take an apple from the bowl. even though he was there gone With the WindThere’s still the apple introduced by Ryan Gosling.

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